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This is an explanation of why the things in '+liststats not-allowed' are there. The list below is not necessarily complete, and '+liststats not-allowed' is not by any means an exhaustive list of disallowed things.

  • Baby Face: Use the Blush of Health merit instead.
  • Charmed Existence, Lucky, Self-confident: Revised is already more generous about dice rolls.
  • Church Ties, Corporate Ties, Judicial Ties, Media Ties, Police Ties, Political Ties, Underworld Ties: Use the Influence background instead.
  • Computer Aptitude, Mechanical Aptitude: Use the Ability Aptitude merit instead.
  • Corporation CEO, Nightclub: Use the Resources background instead.
  • Do, Fast Draw, Kailindo, Klaivaskar, Klaive Dueling, Martial Arts: Combat is complicated enough already. Use Brawl/Melee and pretend.
  • Faerie Blood: Use the Kinain merit instead.
  • Focused Mind, Naming, Path of Blood Nectar: Overpowered.
  • Hearth Wisdom: Overly broad. Use the Lore of (specific supernatural type) knowledge(s) and/or other relevant abilities instead.
  • Lore Weaver: Not a large enough faction to need its own Lore.
  • Mansion: Use the Resources background instead.
  • Military Force: Overpowered. Can be handwaved in PRPs if all participants agree.
  • Poisons: Use the Toxicology knowledge instead.
  • Rank: This would be for United States senators and the like. Shifters, use Shifter Rank instead.
  • RD Data: Overly broad. Use the Lore of (specific supernatural type) knowledge(s) instead.
  • Religion: Use the Theology knowledge instead.
  • Totem (merit): Use the Totem background instead.