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Information Snapshots
Clan: Ravnos

Faction: Anarch

Birthdate: March 17, 1942

Apparent Age: 20

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 150

Hair: Brown with natural highlights

Eyes: Brown

Demeanor: Avant Garde

Occupation: Artist

Relevant: Ability Aptitude - Artistic Expression

Blush of Health

Actor: Hannah Murray

Nuala 2.jpg
Hooks Contacts
Hook 1: Nuala makes her living primarily as a freelance artist. Want to celebrate your ego with a stunning portrait of yourself in all your magnificent glory? For the right price, she'll make you look like royalty. Ready to publish your next best-selling children's book? She's built a solid reputation as an illustrator. Need to give your new business a unique mural for customers to admire while they shop? She'll make heads turn with her work!

Hook 2: Are you a proud son or daughter of the Emerald Isle? Nuala's parents immigrated to the States, but raised her with a love for their homeland. She'll happily give her opinions about "The Cause".

Jackyl - We've seen sides of each other no one else ever has. You're my Muse, my brother from another mother and a divine spark to The Movement.

Shard - You look well-rested. I hope that makes you ready for what's to come.

Slayton - I imagine an old cowboy like yourself has more than a few tricks hidden under that hat.

Shea - Over the years I've come to trust you like no other. Don't fuck it up.

Iskander - Yeah, I imagine you can be a right solid bastard. But I like ya nonetheless.

Silvana - If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck....might be time for huntin' season.

Onyx - Never demand someone do something you aren't willing to do yourself. Kinda makes you a hypocrite, dear.

Paco - I like you, Taco. You got potential.

RP Logs

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