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Olivia Leigh Daniels
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Information Snapshots

Statistical Data


Age: 18
Height: 4'10"
Weight: 100 lb
Eyes: Blue/Green/Grey
Hair: Brunette
Demeanor: Confidant
Nature: Caregiver


Appearance ● ● ● ●
Charisma ● ● ● ●
Pure Breed ● ● ● ● ●
Animal Magnetism
Acute Senses
Cat-like Balance

Hooks Contacts
  • Australian - She has that all too familiar accent. She does try not to use too many of the vocabulary as people look at her like she's lost her ever loving mind when she does.

  • Au Pair - That's right, she'll watch your children. She currently has charges girls that she watches. However, she can be suckered into babysitting if it is needed.

  • Kinfolk - This is the important one. She is a kinfolk of Khan. Which means that she wants to do everything and all she can for all the shifters. She's very proper in her duties to the point of subservient. She's also fully pure bred so that causes some notice here and there.

  • Soft - Olivia tends to be soft-spoken and soft-hearted. She's always there if someone needs an ear or chicken soup. She has a general feel of calm about her. This can be good or bad as one can play upon those emotions.

Amahle -"Foreigner like her. She's offered to teach about the more mortal side of things if she wants."
Aodhan - "Teller of Tales."
Meph - "Her current boss. They are still getting use to each other."
Muir - "One of the first people she met. Tiger sharks are like tigers of the water, right?"
William - "Get of Fenris and willing to answer her questions about werewolves garou."

RP Logs

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