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“There are so many fragile things, after all. People break so easily, and so do dreams and hearts.”

― Neil Gaiman, Fragile Things

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  • Itzal-- //No soldier should enter battle alone. It is in audience of those who understand his cause that he is made great. Every victory sweeter.//
  • Keaira -- Enjoy the curds and whey while you can, pretty pet. You mortal lot break so easily.
  • Wormwood -- Persnickety bald man that called me a vampire. Wonder what he's made of... and more importantly how such things taste.
  • Arec -- Poet, Cult Leader, Master of Disguise, Goth, French /Man/... what /are/ you?

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RP Hooks

Things to Know...

  • Fame 2 -- Counter Culture Princess
Oubi has a rather respected blog that started with her creation of a Zombie Survival Forum in 2002.
Her internet persona is popular as a contortionist, gothic fetish model, blogger, (dry) comedian and Zombie enthusiast. Her blog gets approx. 11,000 hits with each biweekly upload. She is known as Oubliette online.
Are you a fan?

  • Fluent in French. This is common knowledge among her fanbase.
  • Tattoos - Oubi has a pentacle on either palm. She also has several other 'tattoos' which have been known to vary or disappear depending on the circumstance. Thanks to certain Merits.

Notable Flaws...

  • Mark of the Predator
  • Alien Appearance
  • Honest to a Fault

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Played By: Felice Fawn

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"Forget what you think you saw..."
True Name: Ame-comme-un-oubliette
Triat Alignment: The Wyrm
Naure: Analyst
Demeanor: Visonary
Theme Song: Earthquake Weather - Beck
Theme Song 2: French Girl - The Presidents of the United States

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Notable Stats
Black Widow1.jpg
"...Along came a spider."