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Someone is embracing people in the city and leaving them to fend for themselves. Sometimes they become little more than feral, blood-hungry monsters that have been stripped of their humanity and others are left to wander the night in confused starvation. As Marshall knows too well the trauma of being embraced and left to discover the nature of being kindred without the assistance or guidance of a sire, he is torn between putting down the mindless savages that have been created and providing what assistance he can for the 'Orphans' that are being created in his city.

Events Thus Far...

  • Screaming Hissy Fit: An hook up in the park reveals the presence of a talking snake. No not that kind of snake.
  • Contract Job:Monstrous 'Somethings' were discovered in a utility room of an abandoned apartment building.
  • Jail Time: A man at the Crypt asks Marshall to help him avoid jail - by killing his ex-wife.

Plot Information

Storyteller: Marshall
Risk Level: 1
Open to: All (Banality 8+ Unlikely)
Looking For: Any

  • Working on these.