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This is a reference page for those involved in the Vadriel plot. Anything mentioned here should be considered common knowledge in the Court. Feel free to add something yourself if it's missing.



The Earthbound Vadriel has been active in Prospect. While she has yet to move against the Court directly, Prospect's Fallen have had several encounters with some of her servants.

About Vadriel

Name and Known Titles: Vadriel the Consuming Darkness, the Death of Stars

House: Fourth

Visage: Unknown

Reliquary: Unknown

Cult: Unknown

Abilities: Can enslave Fallen if in possession of their True Names. Other abilities unknown.

Biography: Vadriel was a powerful Fiend who once governed the destruction of stars. Once the War began, she became a high ranking strategist in the Ebon Legion.



Musuziel was a Scourge that the Court encountered when he was attempting, via human thralls, to summon a companion of his from the Abyss. Scrying into the future revealed that he was inadvertently going to summon a Ravener, and the Court convinced him to call off the attempt. A short while later, he was kidnapped by hunters (and rescued by the Court). Vadriel enslaved him sometime around this point. It didn't take long for the Court to find out. Aleksei shot him and November stuffed his spirit into a crystal, where he remains, still enslaved.

The Murder Cult of Iromas

Iromas, a Slayer, had come up from Tijuana and was trying to establish a foothold in the Prospect area. He was a Ravener, and piggybacking off of the cult of Santa Muerte to gain Faith. He was also heavily involved with the Mexican cartels. The initial plan to get rid of him was to look into the future, find out when he'd be holding a service at his shrine (the location of which was already known), and drop some C4 on him. However, the scrying also revealed that a trio of large, ugly, and not quite human men would burst in, kill a few of the congregants, and drag off Iromas.

The day of the service, several members of the Court hung around outside the shrine, hoping to get some more information on the trio. Larry concluded they were tied to Vadriel, and the C4 got dropped on the Santa Muerte worshippers, the mooks, and Iromas. It's still unknown why Vadriel was trying to grab Iromas.

The Prospect Archaeological Society's Charity Auction

The Prospect Archaeological Society held a charity auction in late 2016. All of the tangible items being auctioned off were cursed in some way, and had the feel of being Vadriel's handiwork. After fierce bidding, a number of the items ended up in the hands of non-demons.