Patricia Zantosa

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Nothing personal, lovelies, but you stepped into the wrong nightclub ton- ... wait, you are not Tremere!? Oh FUCK! Shit! Tremere are the magicians! I forgot that! Shit! What are THESE!? Fuckfuckfuckfuck!

Name: Patricia Zantosa
Age: Doesn't Matter Anymore!
Place of Birth: City That Never Sleeps!
Clan: Fiends Forever!
Sire: Durga the Grumpy
Generation: 8th, baby!
Sect: The Swordy One!
Status: Shovelhead, but Fab

RP Hooks
Cainite: Dead and lovin' it! Embraced recently for her utter... disposition to the Zantosa lifestyle and loyalty to the Clan, Patricia now considers herself above all other vampires for the blessings the now-dead Eldest has bestowed upon his/her/it's awesome children. She cannot wait to make it to Archbishop or whatever, and kill all those Camarilla guys!

Fiend: A Dragon! A Fiend! A... mmm... Tzimisce! YEAH! Is there anything better than being whatever you wanna be, whenever you wanna be, with a mere thought? Sure, some of them are... weird, but its not like you can't stay away from the uglies and have a rocking unlife!

Zantosa: Zantosa are the best. Nothing like those weirdoes from other families. Ugh, Bratoviches are so gross and Grimaldi are so creepy! Anyways! Patricia is an eager Zantosa woman, and ever since she was a young girl she has been introduced to the lifestyle. Scars? Trauma? Pfft! Please. Those are not real things, right?! No they aren't. She does have a... refined taste for stuff, but all the best people do!

Person or Whatever: Opinion or something.