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Friends, associates and those I know:

Agate - Cary's clanmate. Lots of tricks in her bag. Assured me she isn't snitching my Mason jars.

Angie - Curious, still can't understand her giving a shit about that twit.

Camille Zantosa - Finally, someone that might be worth a second look.

Carys - Red hair, fiery temper, can handle pain, let's see what she can actually do with all the responsibilities she has been handed.

Constance - A real Nun, that's sort of mindbogglingly.

Doug - Intelligent, and has Leadership qualities, trust worthy I think. Could see myself following this one, especially after he stood up for me.

Elena - Evasive about herself, and comes in with huge plans expecting immediate compliance. When she proves herself, might consider listening.

Hamish - I envy his library. He's been the most helpful of allies.

Lawrence - Huge, clumsy guy, but good with his hands. He's always willing to help. Has become a good buddy.

Lincoln - Great artist, new partner at the Tattoo Shop.

Milenka - Holy Shit! At least she didn't kill us.

Silvana - Pretty kind, bought me beers. Not sure if there will be payment requested later though.

Tempest - She's coming out to her own now, and can handle pain. She's stronger than she realizes I think, just needs to build confidence, and accept what can't be changed.

Thomas - A Shifting Malk? Obsessed with eyes.

Vegard - He's a good host, best drink I have ever had.

Vera - Could maybe learn some from her in future, but know with her things aren't always what they seem.

Zoe - Think maybe diesel fuel might be next for her, never seen someone drink absinthe like that.

Dead or just gone:

Brea [1] - Impressive, and can handle pain. Miss her.

Byron - Damned twit.

Carmine ~ Come on, get with the program, okay? Bitch about things later. Probably wandered off into traffic.

Lee.[2] - Mentor, and has my total respect and loyalty.

Terrence - I know you are smart, start acting it again. Too little too late, man.

Vicente [3] - Nice to finally get to know him a bit. Very interesting abilities. Probably on the road with a Gypsy somewhere.

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RP Hooks

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Race: Vampire
Full name: Patrick Harrison
Occupation: Ex High School Teacher
Apparent Age: Early thirties
Pack: The 77th

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Another Brick In The Wall [4]

Black [5]

Grave Digger [6]

Dogs of War [7]

Blood Is Pumping [8]

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