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Patty Sarkisian

1989 - 2017

"Everything dies, baby that's a fact
but maybe everything that dies someday comes back."

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RP Hooks
Pats Radiator Repair: Owner of this repair shop and chop shop, as well as the organizer of the illegal poker game in the back.

Sabbat Shovelhead: Picked the wrong fight and ended up in a pit fighting to be the first to die.

Spokane: Child of the Northwest, though moved around quite a bit.

Former Gang Member: Former all-girl biker gang, all of her other members in jail, dead or gave up the lifestyle.

Motorcycles: Loves engines, speed and bikes. A bike and the open road is her fondest dream, the opposite of her current condition.

Club Extacy: Her former employment as a terrible bartender.

Starbucks: Her former job, which she loathed, and only suffered through to make ends meet. Has grown to loathe lattes and any form of fru-fru coffee drink.

Horror Punk and Rockabilly: Has a distinct love of the Misfits and old rockabilly music, though her tastes are never too particular.

Fisticuffs: Likes to express herself in a rather violent way, but will gladly accept a friendly arm punch in return.

Hair Rainbow: Her hair changes with the weather, suffering untold damage over the years.

Hot Temper: If she feels she's being mocked or challenged she's quick to get her hackles up, and give or take a beating.

Clutterbug: Her purse, her apartment, her clothes, nothing is safe from her disorganized clutter. Wrappers, receipts and empty beer cans abound.

Alcoholism: Whiskey. Beer. Scotch. Beer. Beer. She's not particular, she enjoys it all. She enjoys it to excess.

Grand Theft Auto: Tends to chop up cars and sell them on the black market or to scrapyards form extra cash.

Shorts: No.

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Action Girl - She is where the action is, being stagnant drives her insane.
All Love Is Unrequited
- The one she loves is already taken, but she has trouble moving on.
Berserk Button
- Don't. Touch. Her. Hair.
Biker Babe
- She was in an all-girl biker gang, and drives an old Kawasaki Ninja.
Blood Knight
- She's generally a nice person, but she had bloodlust /before/ dying.
Boisterous Bruiser
- She revels in the fight, and is known to talk some smack during.
Buried Alive
- Her embrace as a shovelhead. It's not a pretty memory.
Challenge Seeker
- If she can do it easily, then it's not worth doing.
Cluster F-Bomb
- Her language is always peppered with expletives.
Combat Pragmatist
- She'll as soon club you with a chair as throw a right cross.
Contralto of Danger
- While short, she has a deep, throaty voice and deep singing voice.
Depraved Bisexual
- If she likes you she'll throw her leg over, no matter what gender you ascribe to.
Dumb Muscle
- She left book learning far behind, but she's strong as an ox.
Ethical Slut
- She'll sleep with people she likes, but she never has shame about it. Sex is fun, and not to be regretted.
Extreme Omnisexual
- She's slept with humans, vampires, the walking dead, demons. She's an equal opportunity lover.
Girl Posse
- Had an all-girl biker gang, now is part of a generally all-girl sect in the city.
Hair Trigger Temper
- She builds steam fast, and will go off on the slightest provocation.
Hairy Girl
- She does not shave her pits, legs or anything else. Retro is the way to go.
Jerkass Woobie
- She's rude, crude, angry, violent and immoral. She's also got a heart bigger than her brain.
Kaleidoscope Hair
- Her hair colors tend to shift with her mood. If she's back to mousey brown, it generally indicates a /bad/ mood.
Knife Nut
- She loves switchblades and butterfly knives, though she's just as likely to grab a club.
Petit Pride
- She's never been ashamed of being an A cup, and proudly flaunts them bra-less.
Rummage Sale Reject
- Her clothes are carefully chosen to be as random-looking as possible.
Street Smart
- She may have been a college drop out, but she was quick to learn the rules of the mean streets.
The Alcoholic
- She spent most of her high school and college years this way, and is still quite a Lush.
The Berserker
- Once she's in battle, she rarely backs down and goes into a blood-crazed frenzy.
The Ladette
- She's drink or fight any man under the table!
The Napoleon
- She's a tiny half-pint punk who feels ten feet taller than she is.
The Other Rainforest
- Native of the Pacific Northwest, specifically Spokane.
- Yeah, she'll punch you, but it's not like she likes you or nothing! Idiot!
Undying Loyalty
- She's nigh-suicidal when it comes to her friends, and will gladly throw herself into danger for them.
Wrench Wench
- Her favored past-time, especially with motorcycles.

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Full Name: Patricia Elenore Sarkisian

Date of Birth: January 21st, 1989

Date of Embrace: December 16, 2016

Apparent Age: Late Twenties

Ethnicity: Armenian American

Origin: Spokane, Washington

Concept: Broken biker girl ganger

Former Occupation: Barista

Current Occupation: Owner Of Pat's Radiator Repair

Demeanor: Bravo

Clan: Brujah Antitribu

Sire: Cody Bennett

Mentor: Ulva Steinarson

Generation: 13th

Sect: Sabbat

Faction: Loyalists

Pack: Caine Gratia

Religion: Agnostic

Path of Enlightenment: Humanity

Preferred Prey: Small men or demure women.

Notable Traits: Rainbow hair, numerous tattoos

Enneagram: Eight (Challenger)

Height: 5'3"

Weight: 115 lbs

Fighting Class: Flyweight (MMA)/Strawweight(Boxing)

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair: Rainbow (Natural: Mousey Brown)

Patty's Song: Pat Benatar - Invincible

Played by: Barbie Wilde

Spirit Animal: Luna Vachon

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Patty is an aggressive-looking little half-pint, carefully dressed as garish and haphazardly as possible with her doe-like hazel eyes narrowing to challenge those who meet her gaze. Her face is round, cherub-cheeked and elfen with rainbow hair teased and blown until oblivion with the sides of her head shaved. Her eyebrows give her a constantly pensive look, despite being far from contemplative in her demeanor.

While short, a mere 5'3", her shoulders are broad and biceps toned with effort. In shape she is much like an upside-down top with a flat chest and rump too large for her frame. Her skin is a patchwork of tattoos, branding and piercings, taut over her defined abs and thick calves. In relation to her body, she is mostly head, hair and eyes, with attempts to slim down or bulk up from her average 115 lbs doing little to alter this look.

Civil clothing has long since been discarded, with a distinct loathing for the conventional. Leather, denim and t-shirt material are abundant with patches, tears, pins and stains a-plenty. Jeans, work boots and a sleeveless cut-off t-shirt is a consistent ensemble, along with far-too-much makeup and perhaps a bomber jacket if she can scrounge it.

Once introductions are made, her posture shifts to a markedly relaxed, informal one. Her voice is a raspy contralto, and little attempt is made to maintain personal space. In general she simply reeks of cigarette smoke and engine oil, an occasional spot appearing unscrubbed upon her face or hands. Her chosen accent is gruff machismo with a flair for the vulgar.

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Mary Sarkisian

Patricia Elenor Sarkisian was born in Spokane, Washington on January 21st, 1989 to Edward and Mary Sarkisian (née Novak) of Armenian and Polish descent, respectively. Eddie was ten years older, a roadie for the Steve Miller band snatching up Mary in high school in 1981. Mary herself was a near dropout, but managed to scrape by and grab her degree. Early life was tough but she managed to grab a job in a steno pool at Fairchild Airforce Base, with Eddie driving a truck shipping plywood doors around the Northwest. Eventually they settled in a little bungalow in West Central Spokane, their first child Greg coming in 1984 and Patty in 1989.


Patty herself was a willful latch-key child, her father gone on the road many days and her mother working late at the base. Her brother ended up raising her, fighting and scrapping all the way. Unlike other children, she could not afford expensive Keds or video games, and was always self-conscious of being tomboyish, poor and plain with her coke-bottle glasses not helping matters. Middle school was a tough time, but days spent in the garage plunking on her father's old Gibson bass and listening to Roy Orbison and the Clash made things a little better.


One day her brother handed her tickets to the Misfits reunion tour. The gangly-limbed teen found herself there, the world she wanted to be a part of. High school became a blur of drinking, grass, fumbled groping in the backs of cars and her mother becoming ever more shrill about her wasted life. By this time Eddie had been kicked out for having a second family on the road, and her brother had joined the Air Force. An aborted pregancy and a drug bust later and she was on the street with her boyfriend, part of a gang of motorcycle chicks terrorizing I-90.


Theft, extortion, smuggling and violence followed, years of drug abuse and acts of vandalism and rage. In the end it was destined to end badly. A sting operation left half of her gang in prison, half in body bags, Patty herself with a warrant for her arrest. Finally her mother interceded with the courts and helped her turn her life around, spending the next seven years on probation. By this time her father had died from years of smoking and pork products, leaving them enough money to help start her in college at UC Prospect for business administration. A new life.


Crushing student debt, a hatred for college life and a yearning for her old ways constantly gnawed upon her, wearing down her spirit, finally causing her to drop out. To make ends meet she worked for Starbucks and fixed cars, a future of toil and heartbreak lay ahead, just like her mother. until one day she ended up six feet under. By the grace of a viking angel she was saved, and her life began anew in death.

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