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Peyton Seiler, pop princess of the last decade. As a seventeen year old she was on top of the world, and literally on top of the pop charts. The princess of pop that was going to save her virginity and follow the typical narrative that so many pop stars had before her. That is until word got out she wasn't quite the good girl her brand portrayed. Everything out in the open and she became much more of a party girl, got tattoos and focused on things other than her career. Until recently. Now back in the industry and using her contacts not to restart her on stage career but rather be in control of other peoples careers. Creating her own record label.

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Some things of note:

Peyton earned quite the income in the music industry: Resources 4

Peyton has contacts that are loyal to her in the music industry as friends: Contacts 2

Peyton is/was famous due to her music career in the pop scene.

Her career crashed when her vices and partying got the better of her.

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Race: Plain Mortal!
Full Name: Peyton Seiler
Occupation: Record Exec
Height: 5'5"

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RP Hooks
Record Exec - She has started her own record studio. Are you talent looking to make it big?

Gym time - She pays good money for a nutritionist and trainer to keep up the look her brand requires

Party girl - It's gotten her in all sorts of trouble, I mean fun!

Former Pop Princess - She's Famous(Fame 2) was big when she was a teen, the star faded some since she was off the scene.

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