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Stella "Like high school Spanish wasn't bad enough? Try to catch her on one of her good days."
Eloise "All the pregnant women around here lately? Talk about job security."
Typhanie "It was all great, right up until it suddenly wasn't. At least it got better after that."
Gwydion "And they call me a babyface? There ain't no justice."
Yarden "Took a while for us to see eye to eye, but we got there."
Octava "Peas and carrots, me and Emily. Got her own coonhound and everything."
Maz "She's English. I don't think we should hold that against her."
Axton "Every circus act needs a strongman."
Bliss "Confusing, but in a good way. But when you assume someone's been dragged off for good..."
Otto "I should be charging you royalties."
Tasha "Almost too good to be true. Almost."
Serqet "It helps to know that our future's in good hands."

Moved on

Aiden "Told you so."
Erica "I've never had a secretary. You can try it."
Gerald "Good riddance."
Blossom "Hell of a way to be introduced to the city. At least you're doing what you came here for. Just hope I can keep up."
Rianna "I was expecting that to take a while. Guess she was just in a mood."
Katie "You wear it better than I do."
Penny "If you're going to inherit something, that's the way to do it."
Archie "Ain't no such thing as 'seen it all'."
Stephanie "Never look directly at the sun."
Velok "Better you than me, pal."
Zero "Would you make up your damn mind already?"
Rook "And here I thought that was gonna be a tough sell. Now I just need to keep my skin from crawling."
Apone "Man, you weren't kidding, this stuff is a mess. I'm getting overtime for this, right?"
Lenore "Nothing like a bunch of them to test your patience."
April "Always love to meet a kid who's got her head in the right place."
Tim "You're hiding something. Okay, not everything, granted."
Tiffany "Always in motion. Don't stop."
Nikki "Good to have you back. No, not like that."
Nausi "Nice girl, but born in the wrong century."
Cross "Why this guy hasn't killed me three times over, I got no idea, I don't care what ya say. Ain't pushing it, neither."
Shelby "Loud and obnoxious and grabby. Hey, us honest joes gotta stick together!"
Anisia "Somebody get this woman some decaf!"