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Akashic Brotherhood "I don't get this way of thinking, but I appreciate the ones who do."
Celestial Chorus "Don't know what they'd make of us. Don't wanna know."
Cult of Ecstasy "Great for a party, but when do they find time to actually get things done?"
Dreamspeakers "I always figured the day I learn where my buddy lives would be the day I stop breathing. Would've been easier that way. And you volunteer for this gig?"
Euthanatos "I'm down with counting cards, but killing people? I came here to get away from that."
Order of Hermes "Close enough. Some of 'em are full of themselves, but hey, what else is new?"
Sons of Ether "Good luck hauling them out of their labs."
Verbena "Again, not at all my style, but easy to get along with."
Virtual Adepts "One of them muscled me out of a job once. The others are worse."
Hollow Ones "There are generalists, and then there are broken people."
Sorcerer "What's with the inferiority complex?"
Vampire "Fuckin' figures. Reverend Van Helsing is welcome to 'em."
Garou "Anyone who comes up in the same sentence as 'breeding stock' is already starting off on the wrong foot. Paw. Whatever."
Changeling "Well, there's one more word I can't use no more. Thanks."
Wraith "Yeah, I'd be pissed off at the world, too."