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Phillipe Garou

The curse of evolution is the waste,
of life which shares our native planet Earth.
As Man the hunter child does devastate,
so suffer all in pestilence and dearth.
He kills with zeal, no mercy does He cede,
the kingdom wears its fear and runs away.
But e’er relentless cats are made to bleed,
as Man continues on to snare and slay.

Phillipe Garou
Legal Name: Phillipe Garou

Rite Name: Haroun

Tribe: Bagheera

Breed: Feline

Age: 5

Apparent Age: 27-ish

RP Hooks
Garou Big Cat Reserve: Most local Bastet and their Kin know about the Garou Big Cat Reserve, a project outside of Prospect where one of their Homid Kinfolk had established a breeding program for their Feline Kin. Even the general mortal public in the area would have heard perhaps at least of the "Learning Days" where anyone can pay modest admission and spend an afternoon learning about the animals and the reserve's conservation efforts. Maybe you heard about the founder's death a few years back? Maybe you've tried to make contact and been given the name of her supposed son, Phillipe? If any of this sounds up your alley, give me a shout.

Bon Bhat Contact: Most Bagheera who've spent any decent amount of time in America have at least heard tell of the black panther Bon Bhat named Tamar, the Spirit Sister. Phillipe once called her kuasha and now considers her a friend. She's notoriously difficult to get hold of, though, so if you need her specifically (or one of the Bon Bhat in general) her former kitten is probably your best bet.

Mistaken Identity: Erythristic "strawberry" leopards are exceedingly rare. Very few people know of others beyond the one male from the South African game reserve made famous in a National Geographic photograph. Are you a NatGeo fan or a trophy hunter? This leopard's coat is definitely unique.

BastetBagheera.png Family? About as close as it gets, anyway.

Kinfolk.png Beyond precious, you sparkle and shine.
Bastet.png Underestimated far too often.
Fera.png It is a pity we keep ourselves so separate, brothers.
Mage.png Wonders. Well. Sometimes.
Garou.png When you're ready to work with us, we'll be here. Don't wait too long.
Technocracy.png Paradox is stupid. Fuck Technocrats.
Wyrm.png Cahlash, it is time to clean up the mess you've made.
Demon.png Intriguing... my kuasha told stories of your kind.
Changeling.png Sounds like a headache - Tamar would be thrilled.
Vampire.png Are you Rajah's children? Cahlash? Or are you truly Asura spawn?
Wraith.png You talk too much for a dead thing.
Mummy.png I think Valentin made me watch this film...
Mortal.png Prove yourselves.

Fera Character



Valentin: My life, my home, my mate. When Nala set me on my path, I should have known it would lead back to you, Saraam. You shine brighter than the north star and without you I would be lost.

Cenn: When I asked you to make our home your own, I wasn't entirely certain you'd come, puppy. I am... so very glad you did.

Fenfang: Fox Friend! You, my dear, are delightful in every facet you've shown. I appreciate your lightness in a world that is all-too-often solemn.

Monica: Sometimes I think you may be the only wolf among dogs. If they could have only one, they chose well in you.

Felix: Good egg. Probably crazy.

Sandra: It is difficult to tell if your mind is opened or closed. In either case, your mouth is often shut. It is a good tactic. I approve.

Journey: Pity.

August: There is fire in you, brother. Beware it does not consume you, lest you be the downfall of those you love.

Niccia: You, clever darling, can stay.


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