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I know its an unpopular view but I don't necessarily tow the party line on this one. The world is not black and white as my cousins would like to think. There are many shades of grey and if you want to adapt and survive you have to learn to to change as well.


Jesus Christ. I mean your family and you have to stick with family and have their backs, but fucking hell your viewpoint is a bit limited. I'm not saying they are all xenophobic genocidal maniacs, but well a few of them do have their moments.


If you play with matches you wet the bed!


Its like trying to heard cats or organize a sugar rush for second graders. You just have to learn to adapt quickly and to roll with the chaos. Still they are also family and as stated before you have to have your families back.

Sorcerers & Psychics

With dedication, hard work, and a willingness to ignore the warning labels you too can learn to bend the laws of reality to work in your favor.


Its kind of like a 40 year old teenager, kind of sad. Some people just do not get the message. You had your time, you need to move on and leave the world of the living for the living.

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Street Name: Mr. Quick

Real Name: Jack Alexander Harper

Age: 27

Heritage: Quick is a Fianna Kinfolk on his fathers side and the child of an Unseelie Satyr on his mothers side. Sorcery just kind of came natural to him as a cousin mentored him in the Cult of Ecstasy. Its not about TS, its about pushing your limits and going places you never thought possible.

Weight: 185 lbs

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue (Changeling Eyes)

Actor: Ciaran Mcmenamin

Merits: Ability Aptitude Awareness, and Alertness.

Flaws: Surreal Quality, Echoes, Bard's Tongue

Criminal Record: If any amount of investigation is done Quick has been arrested several times for various crimes from trafficking, smuggling, and extortion. Somehow none of the charges have ever stuck but the records still exist.

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