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"Lasombra? No, no habla inglés. Oh you speak Spanish too? Mierda!"

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Dollie Look what the tide washed in? What am I doing? I hope she doesn't tell my secret!

Sydney I didn't do it! Ok I didn't mean to do it. Um...can we do that again?

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RP Hooks
Entertainment Are you in the Music Industry. Rafael is trying to get a wider American audience.

Fugitive He's looking for allies to keep the other vampires from killing him but he doesn't want even them to know he's undead. Because then you know, they'll probably kill him too.

Charity Involved in many charitable causes, it makes him feel like maybe he won't go to hell. Plus its great for high profile womanizing.

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Fuiste Tu [1]

La De La Mala Suerte [2]

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Rafael Serrano

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Clan: Toreador... I think.

Faction: Independent

Demeanor: Hedonist

Concept: Closet Lasombra

Fame 3: Guatemalan pop star famous throughout Latin America and hispánic areas of the US.

Graciela Vidal sired Rafael for no good reason. Something about Calenturienta. Afraid that the Sabbat would destroy his mortal life, Graciela stuck around long enough to tell the fledgling the basics and send him away with a dark secret. "Don't tell anyone what you are. The Camarilla will kill you and the Sabbat will kill your family. Oh and dont tell anyone you have Obtenebration or again, they'll kill you." Imagine his delight?

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Played By: Aaron Díaz