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 RAqEye.png RP Hooks
  • Herbs and tea: Do you like that fresh smell of herbs? Do you enjoy aromas of the tea? Would you like to buy some? Come to the Oracle! Her tea not just tastes good, but heals.
  • Books: You need some kind of a creepy book and you can't find it anywhere? Likely, you will find it at Oracle.
  • Fortune telling: Would you like to learn what will happen tomorrow? Would you like to know if the boy or a girl loves you? You can't chose what to study? Come here, Oracle will tell you your future!
  • Trinkets: Are you looking for unique gifts or talismans? You should peek in the Oracle shop too!
  • Forest: If it is a warm season, Raquelle goes for a walk in the forest to gather some herbs.
  • Evenings: Raquelle enjoys long walks during evenings or late nights in the city.
  • Library: Raquelle loves to improve her knowledge.
  • Occult: She knows stuff and may help you out!
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Name Description
 RAqEye.png The Oracle: herbs, tea, books, fortune telling and other trinkets



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Raquelle Akhiezer
Census Data RAqEye.png 
Date of Birth: May 21, 1996
Nature: Defender
Demeanor: Confidant
Occupation: Shop owner
Important statistics: Burning aura
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