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Work hard, live hard and love your fellow man.

Rebecca is a cheerful young girl who lives for training.

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Vampire Vampires: "All creatures of mother Earth can be saved, I'm just not sure these are of mother Earth."

Werewolf Werewolves: "Fur and Claws..and fangs..and gifts..and they are angry."
Wraith Wraiths: "The what now?"
Changeling Changelings: "Like in Pokemon Go?"
Mage Mages: "One should not tamper with Mother Earth that way."
Mortal Mortals: "People, some bad some good. I don't judge them more then anyone else."
Demon Demons: "Bad mojo."

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Carver - Chance encounter over a beer and a plate of meat.

Lydia - My mentor and tutor, making me into the best I can be.

Charlene - Apple Jack?

Dusk - Oh how I hunted you and scared you little boy.

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RP Hooks
Training - An easy way to get RP, gym or MMA

Intolerance - Are you a macho man? Are you thinking women can't do what you can? Then we have an issue which can be rp'ed out if you'd like.

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Rebecca Van Der Gelt

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Fullname: Rebecca Van Der Gelt

Age: 21

Origins: Minnesota

Family: Father - Jethro Van Der Gelt - Doctor working for Doctors without Borders. Mother - Vanessa Van Der Gelt - Civil rights laywer, focused on helping women in need.

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Notable Stats
Sense Deception: * *

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We are here to have fun, play our PC's and sometimes things turn ugly.

I'm all for talking things out oocly to resolve what will come Icly. Just page.

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