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I woke up for...cheese!
Lets dance, bitch!!!
Full Name Remy....
Race Ratkin
Breed Rodens
Aspect Twitcher
Deed Name: (Not Earned Yet)
Nature: Rogue
Demeanor: Eye of the Storm
Religion: Atheist
Date of Birth: April 1st....
Age: 18ish
Occupation:: Homeless; Troubled Youth
Height: 6'0
Weight: Changes based off what he just stole

Early Life-

Run the maze...find the exit. Touch the lever...get food. Get electroshocked ...feel the pain.


Run faster...they are timing. Don't drink the water...that one died. They caught him...cut his tail off.


Get the injection...feel so hyper. The wheel doesn't stop...can't keep up. Not enough food...smell the dead ones.


So much water...Climb on top. Don't drown...push them down. I'm so sorry.


Hear the shouts...the glass is broken. Get set free...find a way out. Watch it burn...D.N.A.?


This is the world? This is me? They are the enemy? They are the Weaver?


"You are so Fucked"- Remy

(More than 100 million mice and rats are killed in U.S. laboratories every year. They are abused in everything from toxicology tests (in which they are slowly poisoned to death) to painful burn experiments to psychological experiments that induce terror, anxiety, depression, and helplessness.

But even though these animals feel pain and suffer as much as dogs, cats, and rabbits do, they are excluded from the meager federal Animal Welfare Act provisions that extend at least some protection to these other species. Because mice and rats are not protected by the law, experimenters donโ€™t even have to provide them with pain relief.

Some estimates indicate that as many as 800 U.S. laboratories arenโ€™t subject to federal laws and inspections because they experiment exclusively on mice, rats, and other animals whose use is unregulated.)


The Ladies - ๐Ÿšบ

  • Aine - She danced off with me at the arcade. I want to impress her, but Casper says the hardest thing to steal is a woman's heart... ๐Ÿ˜
  • Silvana - Always calls the cops on me, at least she usually gives me a ten minute heads start. I'm trying to behave...๐Ÿ˜’

The Dudes - ๐Ÿšน

  • Harvey - Big bro, your a little obsessed with fire. Just don't burn my food, my clothes or me...everything else is ok, though! ๐Ÿ˜ฐ
  • Journey - This guy had to pick his own name too, otherwise his parents are hippies. Gave me free stuff. Yep, best friends now. ๐Ÿ˜„

The Voices - ๐Ÿ”Š They can't see them, but /I/ know your real.

  • Casper - He is always there for me, always helpful and supporting, he is so kind and insightful. A good friend. ๐Ÿ˜‡
  • Wednesday - Please...shut up....please..I don't want to hurt them all....just....go..away. Set them on fire....? Eat their eyes first....but, Wednesday, we are in public! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  • Se7en - Yeah, she is pretty its not bolted down...ok, just one more drink...Fuck it, lets do this...Truth or Dare, Dare...duh! ๐Ÿ˜œ
RP Hooks
  • Catch Me If You Can - Are you the police? Did I break a law again...I swear...I didn't know it was illegal. I'm trying to stay out of trouble, I swear. No I don't know my ABC's backwards, I'm still learning what comes after URA-asshole.
  • Homeless- Are you going to eat the rest of that?...Can I crash at your pad?
  • Raised By TV- Remy has no concept of racism, sexism or what might be considered vulgar. He is just trying to learn as quick as he can. He picked his first name from a comic book hero, he doesn't even know he needs a last name.
  • Spider-Hunter - It's the weavers fault. Those ATM's, those fancy car's and the video games. Electricity, that glowing stuff that keeps the lights on. Its all chained up, we should set it free, back into the sky. No wonder this world is messed up. You stole things that don't belong to you.
  • Wild Youth- Wanna sneak into a movie, drink underage, slip into the strip club or smoke some weed? I know I do.
Mental Illness - I don't believe Mental illness is something to be taken lightly. Too often we see the "Fish-Malk" which gives characters with mental illnesses a bad reputation. Remy knows fully well he has schizophrenia and that talking out loud to any type of external/internal stimuli that others can't see or hear is going to attract undue attention to himself. However, with Mental Illnesses, what might be deemed as normal to them, might be completely socially unacceptable. I'm not playing a character who is "insane" to break the rules and do whatever I feel like it. I'm playing a character who /has/ a mental illness and isn't defined by it or its symptoms. Remy is still new to the human world and he has much learning and adapting to do besides overcoming severe mental issues. Overall he is a nice and friendly character trying to find his way in the world, but with a Ratkin metabolism, anti-psychotic drugs are not going to effect him the same way as a normal mortal. He will have breakdowns, lapses in judgement, or make choices that might seem off. However this is in the spirit of what Remy might actually do, I don't want to break immersion. If anything he is a normal person, and you might not even know he has an issue until it becomes unexplainably scary because mental illness is not a joke.
Notable Stats
Strength Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.png
Dexterity Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.png

Melee Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.pngDot.png

Freak Factor: Unearthly Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.pngDot.png
Notoriety Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.png
Resources Dot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.png

Banality Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.png

Languages Spoken:

Deranged: Schizophrenia
Mental Patient

Anonymity: Possessing a natural anonymity, the veil covers up most human memory of Remy. It is a Willpower vs 8 roll for them to remember him in the room, or seeing him in passing.

OOC Rules You Need to Know Before You Play w/ Remy:

1) I'm Here to RP First and Foremost. Specifically a character who wants to be free at any cost. Lets get into trouble, play truth or dare, make out beneath a bridge. YOLO.

2) Know the Difference Between IC and OOC. I might tell you things IC or OOC, lets try not to META game. This is like a book we are both reading, if you have a spoiler you can avoid telling me, avoid telling me. If I need to know things to understand whats going on, go ahead and tell me, but I keep IC and OOC separate. I hope you can too.

3) Dice Free RP. I have no problem rolling dice, in fact I quite like it. However sometimes dice rolls can distract from RP. Most poses people do could involve dice rolls but we choose to ignore them. I'm the same way, thats why I listed 'Notable Stats' listed. I choose the words I type in my poses carefully, somethings are subtle, some are blatantly obvious. For big actions and things like exaggerated lying, lets roll. Otherwise, lets enjoy reading and picking words apart.

4) Risk 2 aka In Character Actions=In Character Consequences I play Remy at a constant Risk 2. If something 'happens' I want to RP that it did happen and if qualifying/worthy events lead to Risk 3 and my death so be it. However I'm not looking to run around and give anyone a free Player Kill (PK) under their belt just for the hell of it. Nor do I want to PK you. Sometimes ICA=ICC that do lead to a PK, but I want to avoid this as best as possible. There is a huge difference between shooting me in the head to kill me, just because you don't like me. And shooting me in the foot, so I have to limp and can't ever walk right again. If your going to do bad things, have a reason, a motive and a plan of action that makes sense; and hopefully one that leads to more RP between us.

Played By: Jude Law