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Everytime I Dance I Turn Into A Better Version Of Me

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Stefhan--This feeling you given me is so new but I love it. The poetry you speak to me. I have never been attracted to anyone until you...

Jolene--I am glad that you are my friend, I know you will look out for me in this new city.

Madeline--A fellow dancer, I do hope we become fast friends and so how we can better one another with our mutual love.

Hailee--You seem so familiar to me but I can't figure out why that is, I believe only time will tell.

Nicolas--I feel I can learn things from you about this world. Help me understand things a bit better.

Chance--I love the art work you make, not sure how you do it really but it is so beautiful!

Carver--You should know that cursing in front of a lady is completely deplorable and unbecoming, makes you seem like such a ruffian...

Steele & Jacqueline--You two remind me of how Stefhan and I are, perhaps just a bit more wacky about things but everyone's love is different than the next.

Silver--Dancing upon the beach was wonderful, I am glad I ran into you with everyone else are Prospect Roasters.

Gwydion--You play the guitar so beautifully and my dancing was able to compliment it as I moved upon the sand. I feel so alive when I am dancing.

Journey--If was fun to play music with you on the beach as well.

Juliette--I hope you enjoyed the show upon the beach, I wonder what your passions might be.

Wyck--I can't wait for you to finish the painting I have requested. If it is anywhere near as good as your sketches I will be a regular customer of yours... suppose one could consider it a patron of sorts.

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Jewelry Worn

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Race: Mortal
Full Name: Renata Grace Dinozzo
Apparent Age: 21
Date of Birth: February 14th 1992
Height: 5'6"
Bust: 34B
Waist: 26"
Hips: 38"
Nationality: Italian

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RP Hooks
  • First Steps Dance Studio - She owns this dance studio that specializes in all forms of dance.
  • Music - She loves almost all music but her favorites are classical, instrumental and blues.
  • Fine Arts - She absolutely loves going to museums and galleries.
  • Piano - She plays professionally and is willing to give lessons.
  • High Society - She has been raised in it since birth and has very many connections.
  • Languages - She knows French, Italian, Russian, and Spanish
  • Medium - She has the ability to see ghosts. Are you nice or malicious?

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