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Rhia is new to the area, well, fairly new. She has visited her cousin a few times throughout her childhood, but now she is big girl and out here to live on her own. She is slated to start college in the Fall, just graduating from high school in May. This place is kinda strange and scary when you don't really know many people. It's going to be a long summer.

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Kami : He was nice and chatted me up in the SAB. He's very, ahm, pretty and I wasn't really sure he was a guy until I heard that deep voice of his. Caught me off guard.

Lochlan : A friend from childhood. My super stalker who has come all the way from San Francisco to be a pain in my ass. He's a good guy though.

Klem : The owner of the Smoke and Barley. She wasn't as gruff as people warned me about.

Liam : An awesome chef at the SAB. Charismatic too.

Cross : A man of the cloth who is good friends with Klem.

Sharon : A friend who just found out her tribe! Yay! I like being able to sign with her.

Boss : Not too sure about this guy.

Blaze : He was there when I first changed. And he likes trying to make me hunt stupid ground squirrels as a past time.

Aodhan : Family. He is a little on the gruff side, but he isn't so bad.

Devlin : Met him in passing at the Smoke- a pilot or something.

Jaya : MOUSE!

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RP Hooks
-Rhiannon is from the San Francisco area. Are you from there too? Small world.

-Hard of hearing, deaf or mute? Rhia is proficient in sign language- chat her up.

-Sportsie? She played soccer in high school and was very good on the swim team as well. She tries to keep fit for now, until she can join something in college.

-Fae? Rhia is kinain and knows a little bit about the fae side of things.

-Rhia is a garou. RAR!

-Aaron Blake, Fights-With-Fire, is her father and is well known in garou circles- especially on the west coast. She is one of his little princesses.

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Notable Stuff
Full name: Rhiannon Lynn Blake

Age: 18

Appearance: 3

Tribe: Fianna

Auspice: Philodox

First Change: 8/23/2013

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