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Rhyanon Alva Anderson
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Information Snapshots


Age: 19
Height: ~ 5'0"
Weight: approx 105
Eyes: Grey Blue
Hair: Dark Brown (usually)
Demeanor: Rebel
Nature: Caregiver


Danger Sense
Kinain (Sidhe)
Enchanted Blood
Sensation Junkie
Artistic Expression ● ● ● ●
Charisma ● ● ●
Appearance ● ● ● ●
Pure Breed (Get of Fenris) ● ● ●

Story Hooks Quotes
  • Rebel Artist - Rhya is an artist, yes. A rather good one, actually. She works for a local graphic design company by day, doing her own painting on the side, working in anything from watercolors to acrylics to digital media. She has no fame at all on her own. "Glyph" on the other hand, is a rather well known tagger on the scene. Every once in a while, the girl will slip out at night and in the morning, a new piece of art will appear on the side of a building - in a very different style from her usual sort (which kind of tends to happen when your medium is spray paint). "Glyph" is widely supposed to be a male, though no one has ever seen him. It's a pretty big secret and one that Rhya will guard almost fanatically. Doing things like this feeds her soul when the daily grind of corporate graphic design gets her down. Maybe you too have a rebel streak? Or you're a fellow artist?

  • Kinfolk - She's kin to the Get of Fenris. Not an easy tribe to be associated with. Not only that, but she and her new mate barely know one another. Her father, an important member of the pack, decided that she and Tyler should be together for the good of the tribe. And that was that. So. She's supposed to make little garou cublets with a guy she can, at the moment, barely stand. Wonderful. Maybe you know what it's like to be kin and given little choice in who your mate is? Maybe you're a Get kinfolk? Or just a kinfolk in general?

  • Kinain - Despite it all, Rhya really is a fairly happy person. Her father was good to her, though her mother died when she was really young. He indulged her pretty much up until the moment he decided it was time for her to take a mate. But there's something a bit different about her, compared to her other kin. She's got a bit of an ethereal, bubbly quality to her that seems to make those around her, inadvertently rather happy as well. As if it's infectious. If you're Changeling or related to one, chances are, Rhya has noticed something oddly familiar about you ... though she may not know what. Are you a Changeling or another Kinain? Want to introduce Rhyanon to your world?

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