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Changeling The Fae and Fianna have a long and storied history. We are pledged to assist them when they ask. That being said, I've never met one. Would love to.
Demon What, the Wyrm wasn't enough?
Mage Best to say on the good sides of these folk. I've seen first hand some things I'd previously called miracles. But that shit goes both ways.
Mortal They're part of us. What we do is for their benefit as much if not more than ours.
Werewolf Brothers, sisters, family.
Kinfolk Our connection to the world around us. They are to be honored, protected and defended. They keep us grounded.
Wraith If it dies it should really stay dead.
Vampire You may think you've defied death by serving the devil. You will be stopped, your corruption rooted out and ended.

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  • Quentin - You have the biggest heart, the highest ideals. When you speak I listen. Brother.


  • Zeppelin - We tread into dangerous ground my friend, secrets shared but never revealed.
  • Felix - For a good time, call. Seriously, you're awesome.
  • Torsten - Glad for the opportunity to help around the forge. I have a feeling the clunker and I are going to be old friends.
  • Amethyst - I owe you big time. Come to me anytime you have questions. I might be able to answer them. Sometimes. Rarely. Why is everyone so much smarter than me?


  • Sandra - *Wolf Crush* Ma'am.
  • Journey - What I've seen of you in person has not been much. What I've heard about you is worrisome. Clearly I need to get to know you and see for myself.
  • George - Thank you for listening.
  • Alecto - It was good meeting you, I look forward to seeing more.
  • Eloise - Yes ma'am.
  • Alessio - Things begin to make more sense.


  • Annabelle - Sweet, kind and seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Plus she dishes. What? I have a weakness for gossip. It's a Philodox thing.
  • John Sloan - Dude really likes to throw his money around. He can talk shit, but he can also apologize. Good people. Potential packmate?
  • Antoine - It takes a rare man to make me feel tiny. You're it. Look forward to our sparring. You know.. I could use a Galliard...
  • Monica - We see eye to eye on things. I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Marcel - My little sister's roommate. I have no complaints yet. Time will tell.
  • Kanu - I'd call you Rocket but I don't think you'd get the reference.
  • Saria - So quiet and then BAM, that humor.
  • Amanda Pierce - I'm so sorry about my father. Glad you founds yours.
  • Bjorn - Bear!
  • Furio - Ouch. Sorry buddy, that looked painful.
  • Cenn - What. The. Hell. Okay, so in proper Philodox fashion I am of two minds. 1. You're challenging my prejudices. This is good. 2. So. Many. Pranks. Are we best friends yet?


  • Amelia - My little sister. I hope you are enjoying your extended honeymoon.
  • Duncan - I hope you enjoy your time away. We will welcome you, should you return.

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Rhys Graham Stoker

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Race: Garou
Full Name: Rhys Graham Stoker
Date of Birth: September 29, 1988
Rite Name: Deals With Both Hands
Occupation: Part-time Paralegal
Demeanor: Judge
Nature: Caregiver
Tribe: Fianna
Rank: Cliath
Auspice: Philodox
Pack: Neighborhood Watch
Apparent Age: Late twenties
Height: 6'3"
Eyes: Blue


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RP Hooks
  • Daddy is a matchmaker: Rhys' father, local Ahroun Fiachra's War Hammer is hungry for grandpuppies. Now that Rhys has come home, it's high time to get him settled down. He's taken to looking for kinfolk to set his son up with, despite Rhys' protests that he can do this on his own. OOC: There are reasons Rhys hasn't chosen a mate for himself. This is a great chance to build a story of two people thrown into an awkward situation. If interested, page!
  • Coming Home from Texas: Rhys has recently returned from the El Paso area. Word is his pack disintegrated in the wake of an encounter with some sort of corrupted spirit. He's been loathe to talk about it, putting on a good face, but there are wounds there. Deep ones. If you're from Texas or have contacts there, you might know more.
  • Legal Eagle: Rhys grew up wanting to be a lawyer. Being garou killed that dream. No one wants to see a werewolf in finals week. He's done what he can to get as close to that goal as possible -- online courses to become a paralegal. His Rage makes him a less than great office worker, but he works research from home frequently. Still, he's up on the laws of the land, human and garou. In need of help with the Law? He's a resource.

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Played By: Chris Evans