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If you add me, I will add you.

Adora - First met at Project Roasters. Desperately wanted to know where I found a 1910 publication of Principia Mathematica. An adequate answer was provided. She may have it by now. Prominent adjective: ebullient.
Sunil - First met at Prospect Roasters. He has made a career in studying and countering a very grave subject that affects 409.5 out of 100,000 people in California each year. His easygoing nature allows him to handle it in stride. Prominent adjective: affable.
Falke - First met at G Street and Fifth Avenue. Watching him evaluate our drinking water in Prospect made me think of Herzberg's Motivation-Hygiene theory of job satisfaction. He is highly motivated, has few complaints, and works hard. Prominent noun: buddy.
Faith - First met at Wafflemania. √2. Prominent adjective: stochastic.
Serqet - First met at Wafflemania. Nothing else of note or interest. Prominent adjective: jejune.