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River is a support characters for Gaian Shifters, Mages, Sorcerers, and well anyone not super evil. Icly she is for hire when it comes to magic, but usually does not ask for money as a payment. She can ushauly be contacted by visiting the Apothecary gardens (Or Page/@mail)

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My Homies
Deidre - The sea is one of the most beautiful and magnificent sights in Nature,

Chandler - A sister and a gift to the heart.

Dashiel - Magnificent!

Ellis - Dirty dreams are best shared with others.

Thana - Unbelievable passion! Hidden but there.

Sumter - You are not a man, you are a gift.

Jayne - Hate to see you go but LOVE to watch you leave!

Zoe - Such passion, such hunger!

Kasumi - You will always be apart of me.

Niccia - A warm fire to curl up next to!

Viator - Your a hard book to read, but you got an interesting cover.

Clarisse - A sweet and curious soul!

junko - Sugar and spice, er okay just spice, and that's nice.

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River 2.1 Pic.jpg

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Name: River Leonna Salama

Age: 24, looks 18

Occupation: Midwife & Apothecary

Tribe: Kinfolk Bubasti

Tradition: Verbena Witch


Shapeshifting (4), Spirit Awakening (4), Alchemy (6), Mana Manipulation (3), Psychoportation (2), Channeling (1), Animal Psychics (1)

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Eiver Tattoo 3.jpg River-Beach.jpg River Tatts 1.jpg


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