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Romeo was, until recently, a Las Vegas based Adult Film talent. Working doesn't seem to interest him as much as socializing and partying do, and it seems he's often jet setting about to some hot spot or another. He's worked less recently, since he's moved to Prospect to avoid the 'drama' in LA and Vegas, but occasional will do some films. He's billed as "The Biggest Talent since John Holmes!" Of course, Romeo is humble, never reveals his true dimensions, and always claims that John Holmes will forever be the biggest male star, and that he is happy to be a close second. Given his cache in the industry for his physical blessings, people put up with him sleeping all day, missing meetings and the like, and only shooting at night. There is after all, only one biggest living dick in porn, and if you want him, it'll always be on his terms. He's got a reputation for parting all night, and sleeping all day, drugs and women and all that of course, but on set he's professional and usually there are no complaints, except those from the occasional unprepared starlets.

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Romeo MontaHUGE has made a lot of contact, but he is tested regularly. Better safe than sorry!

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RP Hooks
  • Fame 2
Do you watch pornography? It's OK, there's nothing to be ashamed of, you can tell me. Romeo hasn't been in many films, preferring to work sparingly, but he has made quite the impression. He was nominated for Best Actor in the 2012 AVN Awards, but it turns out he's really not that great of an actor. He did win for "Best Oral Scene" But really, his partner (pictured with him below, at the awards ceremony) did all the work, didn't she?
  • Party Boys and Girls
Romeo loves to party! Who doesn't, right? While he doesn't drink very much, he doesn't seem to shy away from the drugs, especially a little coke or a lot of weed. Do you know him from a dance club here in town? Maybe you ran into him at an event in LA or Vegas when he lived there. Did you maybe see him at a club in Europe that one time, or partying in Mexico with Charlie Sheen? Maybe you did!

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Romeo Profile.jpg

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Stage Name: "Romeo MontaHUGE"

Famous For: Biggest "Talent" in Adult Films

Age: Early Thirties

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170 lbs.

Hair: Sandy-Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Skin Tone: Bottle-Bronzed

Fame: Adult Film Star (Level 2)

Credits: Phone Repair Man in 'Reach out and Touch Someone'. Lot in 'Six Days of Sodomy and Twice on Sunday' as well as 'Seven Deadly Sodomies'. Juror Number 8 in the courtroom drama '12 Angry Inches'.

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Romeo Smile.jpgRomeo Award.jpgRomeo Tuxedo.jpg

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Played By: William Cobb