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"Some may never live, but the crazy never die."

-Hunter S. Thompson



Name: Russel Holt
Spirit Heritage: ●●●●
Occupation: Professional Slacker and Artist
Race: Caucasian, Scottish
Rank: ●●●
Pack: Novis Noctis Exortu

Breed: Metis
Inspiration: Those Violent Urges...
Played By: Jake Hold

Quote: "I didn't ask for your name, I said give me your jacket."
Themesong: Regina Spektor - The Grand Hotel



Thin and tall...

xxxxxRuss is not ungainly in his posture; limber muscles create a lithe, graceful, demeanor. Slight, is a word often used to describe the six foot three man. A skin tone of pale cream speaks to his pictish heritage. His features are somewhat plain and certainly severe. Very angular cheek bones give him a rather gaunt look. Lately the man has been wearing his shock of red hair slicked back to expose his heterochromatic eyes. This style also exposes a very small set of satyr-like horns just north of his hairline(they are small enough to hide in most hats, being mere nubs.)

xxxxxHis right eye is a beautiful teal with a subtle amber corona around the pupil. The man's left is white but not unseeing. The pupil is black and the same amber corona is present but the iris lacks any teal pigment. This white eye is also bisected by a large scar that runs from forehead through brow and ends in a small divet on his top lip. Scars crisscross his arms, cheeks and neck. Thick carpets of knotted flesh clearly follow some pattern which can't be determined while he wears his clothing. Russ wears a black beater that shows off broad shoulders and well muscled arms despite an otherwise slender build. It is not uncommon to see him in a slim fit brown tweed suit jacket(or vest) unbeffiting company with the rest of his attire. Black jeans, filthy chuck taylors and a brown fedora complete his look. His tattoos are many, appearing along his arms, hands, and torso. Most notably Russ has a melting clock on the back of his right hand. (App: 3)



Van - At least Houdini gave his huddled masses the pity of a reappearance. You just disappeared, bro.
Seven - The song of the Whippoorwills ringing through the raging storm. One man's omen is another man's pleasure and its all been mine.

Eris - What is delicate is not always fragile it may simply be finely made to stand against the tide; like wrought iron filigree.//Do you like pain? again..again..again...again Baby Luv
Hamish - Brings new meaning to the word delectable.
Kurt - Charming and violent, Bastard reminds me of someone...
Carver - Parts of a whole... A whole what? That part I haven't put my finger on.
Amy - Stereotypical Ahroun.

Merits and Flaws


● Mixed Morph

● Double Jointed

● Perfect Balance


● You show me yours and I'll show you mine. Promise.


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