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Changeling "The what?! Fairy Tales ....?"
Mortal "Go us!"
Demon "All red, horns - great costume idea, especially if she's wearing the white with the halo."
Mage "Chris Angel - whoa, how's he do that!"
Vampire "I saw Twilight, more like twinkle. Not to scary."
Werewolf "Right up there with chupacabra and the jersey devil - totally legit."
Wraith "Yeah, ghosts, not so sure - but maybe, starting to rethink this one."

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A Cut Above the Rest

KyraKyragloves.png - Ups and downs, the challenges continue once more. We started something but both quietly backed away at the time. Then she texted again, and we met for a challenge, and we both felt the same. Still hard to control myself around her, she's adorable. Competitions still going, she's still winning mostly, but then, that's my girl. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Jaimi Grace Hathaway - Daughter. Welcome to the world baby girl, the completion to our family that we didn't know we needed until you came into our lives. I thought that was only Kyra, but now I have two girls in my life, what a blessing.

Friendly Samplings

Kailee - Rookie, a bundle of trouble, for the firehouse. No one is that upbeat, no one. She's on something; cotton candy, pixie sticks, sugar in an IV bag somewhere. She'll keep us all in line, or get us all to fall out of line over that University Precinct.

Kevin - Friend of Kyra's and getting to slowly get to know him, might have to spend some time outside of a smoke out to meet with Doc here. Likes veggies, I love grilling them, perfect combination - he might have some advice on ways to better prepare them even.

Mckayla - Interested in helping, she should look into working EMT if she's interested in it.

Maria - Close when she's around.

Nika - Hope my jaw didn't hit the sand there, ouch. Such a hottie, that smile! If only her brother wasn't around.

Roman - Nika's brother, seems friendly, unless someone is eyeing his sister of course; and understandable.

Silvana - Wonderful woman, glad someone like here would host a charity for First Responders like that. Visited the firehouse in person. Great to have her there, she might come back for smoked fish. Hope she understands the uncertain single has an interest, just uncertain of where that may go while pursuing it curiously. Sort of started seeing each other, it was called off in best interests. She wouldn't say why on her part, I know why on mine.

SilverSilverfun.png - Just my best friend, nothing to see here, move along, move along. Enough none serious to match mine, enough serious at work, my free time is for fun, she gets it ... it she's just as much a goofball as I am.

Vera - Fire dancer eh? That's a curiosity right there, I'll take you up on that offer. Then see about that performance location, get any permits you need.

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A few may recall a certain trailer fire a few years back involving a negligent mother. Drugs were involved in her negligence and the fire itself. She skipped out when the fire started, left two sons inside the blaze. Risking his life, he rescued those boys, got a small bit of local notoriety. While everyone moved on from the fire, Samuel didn't so much. The boys went into foster care, and he's been watching them ever since, as much as he can from a distance.

He's a local lad, Imperial Beach born and raised. Enjoys local sports, enjoys the local beaches. Nothing better than prospect in his mind. Good ole home to him. Played local sports, never star athlete, but had good friends. Graduated and enrolled to be a firefighter. After a few years, he's been promoted to Captain and is known to work the third shift over at the station near UC Prospect.

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Samuel Hathawy

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Race: Mortal
Full Name: Samuel D. Hathaway
Date of Birth: June 14, 1986
Heritage: Caucasian
Occupation: Firefighter/Captain
Spouse: Kyra Anderson-Hathaway
Demeanor: Follower
Nature: Caregiver
Age: 29
Height: 6'2"

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RP Hooks
PFD - Fire Department, need a fireman?

Local - He's a local, from Imperial Beach.

Regular Guy - He's mortal, like smoking meat, hanging out, drinking a few beers.

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RP Plots
* Afoot at the PFD: There has been an increasing incidence of accidents around some of the firefighters and the nights are not so restless as they used to be. Several visits by Kyra have been rather eye opening, its not just the alarm stirring in the darkness any more.

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Kyra - Whatever

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