San Seraph

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San Seraph

"A local Cop Bar"

The interior of San Seraph is small but cozy. The walls are paneled in wood and red brick. The brick edges are smoothed even, and the wood paneling is carved in intricate designs reminiscent of a Gothic cathedral. The entire building has a feel of being solid and old. The store front has large paneled windows with the words San Seraph stenciled in gold and red. The walls are covered in framed pictures and police memorabilia along with with stereotypical Neon Beer signs and flat screen tvs with sports. The wood panelling leads to the hard wood floor reflecting the same carving of the walls.

The left wall is lined with booths that are separated from each other by short walls, making them something like stalls. Small wooden tables liter the floor with several wooden chairs around them. A pool table sits along the back wall covered in red felt. A tiffany type hanging lamp, illuminates the top and leaves the rest in shadow. A small collection of pool cues are mounted on the wall above it.

The bar itself is along the right wall and runs the length of the room. The bar top is covered with a mosaic of red and white stones under glass. The front continues the intricate carvings echoed elsewhere. Several stools upholstered with black leather, line the bar front. Behind the bar, several archways are carved into place over a grand mirror that reflects most of San Seraph and an extensive rack of bottles of liquor. Several taps for beer also line the back. A swinging door leads back to the kitchen.

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