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Kinfolk Kinfolk Deeds - not lip service.
BSDs BSD You're ugly and you smell bad.
Gaians Gaian Some can be trusted, some can't.
Werewolf Werewolf Family is everything.
Vampire Vampire That's just gross.
Mage Mage Can't be all bad.
Changeling Changeling WTF - I do NOT sleep under bridges.
Wraith Wraith Like, as in Casper?
Demon Demon I'll leave that to the human religions.
Mortal Mortal Not so different from us.

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Alison - First impressions are everything, she stole my heart.

Boss - I hope your seas fare you well pirate.

Chance - Seriously. I think one good smack by a city bus will cure that victim-complex you've got.

Cherazart - Too bad your taste in men isn't as great as your taste in art.

Connor - How didn't I see it sooner? My whole world was on my doorstep all along.

Devlin - Holy shit, good thing I brought a parachute.

George - Traveler, you understand me.

Kaydin - I miss you.

Oswald - Gramps, you have got to do something about that boogieman.

Sharon - No, we're not alike. Not even close. Keep your machine to yourself.

Info Sources This is to be used by In Character Informants, only for In Character Information.

Teagen - Hey cousin, no really - not a figure of speech. Our daddies are brothers.

Tom - Best argument for adult daycare, ever.

Vicky - I hate you.

Viggo - Arm wrestling? That was just too funny.

Wanda - I can't believe you cooked that, I can't believe I ate it.

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Name: Sara Jane McMurrough
Tribe: Fianna
Pack: Flames of Gaia - Tangentially
Position: Kinfolk
Employment: Prospect Police Department
Education: High School Diploma and Certified Mechanic
Known Skills: Repair, Electrical Work

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 118 lbs.
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
RP Hooks

Sara fights in off-the-record (aka illegal underground) MMA-style cage matches.

You're a cop? Me too! (Well really I work in the garage - they don't let me carry a gun.)

You're a criminal? Well crap. Maybe I won (or lost) you (or your boss) some money in that last fight.

I love things that move fast. Cars, planes, subway trains, free falling, jet skis.. whatcha got?

Do bad things and bad things happen. Do good things, and bad things will still likely happen.

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