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The eyes are not here

There are no eyes here

In this valley of dying stars

In this hollow valley

This broken jaw of our lost kingdoms

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Sarah Haddad/Stereotypes

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Abe - I understand now. You are better as a Brother, for both of us. [1] [2]

Faqirah - I will see your vision come true. We will beat the ancients and one day I'll lay down my sword. You will always be remembered, rest in whatever heaven awaits you malaki.

Vera - It doesn't matter anymore. Sister I would welcome you back into the fold...or just go in peace. I know what you are going through.

Annastasija - I misjudged you once and never again. I'll call your bluff, still you have so much potential. I'll help you find it.

Ophyria - Beauty and brains. Devious as well, you would have made a great hollow one. Now I'll have to settle for helping you to find your way in the sword.

Alonso - *Laughter* If he survives long I'll be surprised. Go off and die already, your the reason the sabbat can't have nice things.[3]

Archie - I miss you my packmate. You are always a pleasure to talk to.

Esme - I loved you, it just can't work out. I never understood the whole star crossed lovers thing until now.

LittleA - I hope you come back as a ghost so I can bound you into service to the sword forever. Even that wouldn't be punishment enough for what you took from me.

Octavia - You could punch through reality, yet you choose to be bond to it and worshiping a man-made creation. I know your game before you even try it. [4]

Jorge - You think you are a better hacker than me? That is sad. Brother you need to decide whose side your on. [5]

Diana - Bears huh? Well weirder things to spend eternity lusting after.

Eshe - Sister stand by our side and you'll know true glory.

Eirik - I'll give you this one chance. Prove yourself to me or suffer for failure.

Salimah - Would you feel the same way if you knew the real me? I've tried to show you and now it may be too late. Maybe it's best if I break your heart now rather than later. [[6]]

Jax - You don't know me and you won't before you meet your final death. You will pay the price for the argent and you'll never see me coming. [[7]]

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No much is known about Sarah in the public eye. She was once the manager of Prospect Radio, now she leaves that to others.

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Sarah Haddad

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Age Early Twenties
Date of Birth: Feb 17, 1993
Height: 5' 8"
Nationality: Libyan
Demeanor: Director

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RP Hooks
Sarah Haddad/Hooks

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  • Nightcore - How do you love someone [[8]]
  • Nightcore - Invisible [[9]]
  • Nightcore - You're going to go far kid [[10]]
  • Johnny Cash - Hurt [[11]]
  • Johnny Cash - God's gonna cut you down [[12]]

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