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“The greatest of all historical shams is believing you can not do something you can.”
– Erik Peterson


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Vampire: You're all better off ash.

Werewolf: Never met one. But hey, they hate bloodsuckers as much as I do.

Mage: Our gifts give us a huge responsibility... Only a few of us seem to be aware of that.

Wraith: Zonrensg omaoas brgda. Deliver them to sleep.

Mortal: I've got your backs. You'd better open your eyes soon.

Sorcerer: You're close. More pushing, and you just might realize the truth.

Demon: Nothing against them. Probably because I've never met them.

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Phil: Pretty alright for a big dog. Didn't stare down his nose at me when I got here, so thanks for that.

Faith: Not a good first impression. Hope it can be fixed- but doubt it.

Richard: Already hate him.

Samara: The more I learn, the more interested I become.

Adeline: From France, apparently.

Deidre: Calm in the midst of the storm. Keeper of the Cove.

Dashiel: Intelligent guy with a ton of curiosity and potential.

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RP Hooks
Criminal Record: Over the course of her adult life, Serqet has accrued a great deal of renown amongst law enforcement across the country. A record a hundred miles long, most of it is simple B&E. Misdemeanors and other minor offenses are also attached to her name.

Notoriety: Tradition mages would recognize her surname if they are privy to the specifics of the Second Massasa war. Though she wasn't directly involved, her family was in a very uncomely way. She tries to keep it under wraps, but word spreads through the grapevine very quickly.

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House: Tytalus

Essence: Primordial

Resonance: Passionate

Full Name: Serqet Nahir Elrakis

Nationality: American (Mixed)

Occupation: Odd Jobs, occasional Modeling

Demeanor: Defender

Apparent Age: 25 (And don't you dare imply otherwise)

Height: 5'9"

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