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Information Snapshots
Clan: Brujah (Clan Prestige 1: Nicknamed The Dullahan)

Faction: Anarch (Status 1)

Birthdate: ???

Apparent Age: Mid 20's

Height: Just under 6 foot.

Weight: ~180 lb.; Laborers Build

Hair: Black

Eyes: Sun Bleached Dark Brown

Demeanor: Survivor

Occupation: Traveler and Pub Owner

Relevant: Enchanting Voice

[Character Song]

Actor: Aidan Turner

Hooks Contacts
Hook 1: Street - Shea is a man of the streets first and foremost, a former laborer and dock hand who worked his way up from the bottom. He feels no more comfortable anywhere but in the alleys and streets of a city, under the flickering street lamps, and has worked his way up from there through whatever means necessary.

Hook 2: Knowledge - Shea will go out of his way to gather information, be it generally city chatter, or more obscure, occult information. He's gathered quite a bit of lore from his years spent across America, and constantly searches to know more.

Hook 3: A Good Deal - Shea's lust for wealth and power isn't unknown, as with everyone's. He's always up to make a good deal, or to be given one. Need something done? He's not afraid to get his hands dirty, or to make a few calls.

Shard - Bet you're regretting taking a rest there, Mate? It's turning out well for the both of us, though. Greater days on their way.

Slayton - Keep your hat on, Cowboy. We've got a lot of work to be doing.

Jackyl - Ain't never let me down before and ain't never will. I still ain't trusting half the plans he comes up with, but the good ones have turned out good.

Vivianne - Seems like a good and talented young lady. I hope the Tower decides to not have its way with ye' after all.

Nuala - I know, Pretty Wanderer, I know...

Paco - Yer a good man, San-Chez, no matter what the Cammie's say about ye'.

Silvana - Looks like only time will tell what this Songbird's story is.

Jolene - Looks to me like someone's fighting against her stars. Hope she finds her course right soon.

RP Logs

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