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"I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

And I'll fear no evil because I'm blind to it all
And my mind and my gun they comfort me
Because I know I'll kill my enemies when they come

Shaun James."

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Camarilla:A body of elderly monstrosities charged with high duties and misdemeanors where A plunders from B the boons of C, and for compensation B picks the pocket of D of blood and treasure belonging to E. Then they call a Blood Hunt on the Caitiff."

Sabbat A band Miscreants who despise the wickedness of Elders so much, they have decided to keep it fresh in their minds by joining a brotherhood of awful examples.

Anarchs Proponents of a new misrule who have failed to establish it. Far preferable to any of the other choices.

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Jackyl: Fuckin' Hippy. I have no idea what the fuck you are talking about half the time but I can't deny that you get things done. I don't understand and don't wanna know the details but you have results."

Shea: You're pretty solid. A little pushy but you can be counted on when the chips are down and that's what really matters.

Aubrey: We got an arrangement. It works.

Nuala: I like your style, wanderer. I don't know nothin' about art but I know what works."

Abe: Well, cholo. I don't know where you got off to but I hope you got away clean from the Tower and you're knee deep in pussy. Or dicks. Or whatever."

Christopher: I reckon I can appreciate your cruel sense of irony but... No. Fucking. Baron."

Iskander: Too bad you're dead, fuckface. You and your high end bullshit."

Gwydion: Fuck you.

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Slayton Krenshaw

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Birthdate: Spring 1870

Apparent Age:60s

Height: 6"2'

Weight: 160 lbs. Lean and wiry.

Hair:Silver, close cropped.

Eyes:Icey blue.


Played BY:Scott Glenn

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RP Hooks

Old Time Outlaw/Prohibition Bootlegger: Slayton was an outlaw and then later, a Prohibition Era Bootlegger. Criminals, Gangsters, former lawmen, former rivals or frenemies or whatever.

The Dixie Mafia: Guns, Drugs, Moonshine. Need a crew for muscle? Need your shit fenced? Meth in particular, hi jinks in general, the Krenshaw Family and their associates with the Dixie Mafia are open and willing to do business.

Cars and Racing: Slayton likes to drive very fast. He is also very good at driving very fast. If you wanna try him, he is game.

Blood Hunt: The Praxis of the Three Rivers has declared the Lex Talionis in the old tradition, there shall be no penalty for giving Slayton Krenshaw Final Death and it is known there would be reward to any Kindred who can bring him back to Pittsburgh to see him put to Prince Getty's Justice.

Infamous Sire: Slayton's Sire is the vicious cannibal and Diablerist, Ned Geddy. Ned Geddy has murdered and eaten many Kindred and kine across England, Canada and the U.S. He Diablerized a few Kindred along the way. Slayton was alleged to be his accomplice. Perhaps someone you were close to was one of the victims?"

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