Smoke and Barley

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Run by: Liam
Travel: @tel #2983, @hangouts/jump Fantasy, or the crossroads of Lincoln and First Streets
Protected: This premise is a place of sanctuary, please read the rules below.
Protectors: Vanguard's Might

Smoke & Barley

Bar & Grill


Pietre Piaskovsky built Smoke and Barley when the town of Prospect was founded. The woodworking carved within the bar still is the original woodworking that he had done, despite the place being handed down several generations. The recipes came from Marina, which Timor learned and now makes.

Smoke & Barley Menu:


  • Menu of the Day or Week, as the Chef updates!
  • If you can kill it and slather it in spicy sauces, we serve it. Brisket and Ribs... mmm
  • Try our sampler platter - a platter the size of a small pig, filled with meats and side dishes enough for four!


  • Microbrews! Lots of them! Twelve are always on tap, their flavors changing monthly depending on the brewer
  • Microbrewed Soda! Rootbeer, Creme Soda, Puma Kola
  • Mullins Fine Spirits - Irish Whiskey, Vodkas and Rums
  • Burton's Meads - Four delightful flavors to please the palate
  • Try our sampler trays of spirits, beer or sodas - 14 servings in small glasses for you to enjoy the variety of microbrewed delights!


  • Aodhan - PC
  • Timor NPC - Kinfolk of Silver Fang tribe. PLEASE ASK before you use him in your posing beyond ordering/receiving drinks!

Wait Staff:

  • Sally NPC - Kinfolk of Silver Fang tribe, wife to Timor. PLEASE ASK before you use him in your posing beyond ordering/receiving drinks!
  • Arabella - PC
  • Hi-Fi - PC Also known as Fiona


  • Liam Liam Saki 2 years of Experiences in Fu's House of Hibachi. Graduate of the Epicurious Cooking School, Virginia College for Culinary Arts. Award winning dishes in baking, and entré."

Assistant Chef:

  • Lola Lola Beckett Studying under Liam.

Other: Do you have an idea to enhance the bar? What about mircobrew distributor, butcher, or busboy. Even bouncers of a sort are ok if they fit the theme!

  • Boyd Mullin's Whiskey and other hard alcohols
  • Burton Meads, honeys and fresh fish
  • Always hiring or looking for contacts!
  • Searching for local distillers
  • Searching for security
  • Members of Vanguard's Might are on staff, and have the right to remove people from the restaurant
  • NO fighting
  • Sanctuary will be granted to those who ask, or are in need.
  • More incoming

Smoke and Barley Santuary Lore

Since its inception, the place has been respite for the Gaian shifters and their family within the city. The goal is sanctuary. A neutral place to talk, meet and learn of the local shifter community. This is NOT a caern, though spirits find the place pleasing. Those with even a little garou or gaian lore, or talk with spirits, would know that the private dining room below the restaurant is where they can go to relax or get help.

You may obtain enter the place via the Alley on the crossroads of Lincoln and First Streets and through the kitchen. Or enter into SAB (+hangouts/jump smoke) and through the entrance marked PD. This is not a welcome place for the Wyrm Tainted. It would be risk 3 to enter.

OOC information:

OOC note: The lower level of Smoke and Barley is well known within the shifter community as a place to talk freely and enjoy respite within the city. Wyrm oriented characters are at automatic risk 3 entering into the place. ICA does mean ICC here. There are NPCs within the room, one might expect to see people eating or relaxing in the bar, typically those who are kin or shifters (high willpower to accommodate those with high rage that may linger). Any other questions, please contact Liam or Aodhan ICly or OOCly.

Sanctuary Information

  • +view here/aroma -- The scent of bar-b-que, hickory smoke, and micro beer permeates the area.
  • +view here/music -- Country music is the playlist of choice.
  • +view here/security -- There is a security system here. Video records 24/7 both the bar and restaurant with discrete cameras located in key ceiling spots. A panic button is hidden behind the bar and in the waitress station, with its signal summoning police.
  • +view here/npcs -- There are always NPC servers/bartenders here 24/7 mainly Timor, who bartends / bounces; and Sally who waitresses.
  • +view here/menu -- Menu of the Day