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Those who live by the sea can hardly form a single thought of which the sea would not be part.
-Hermann Broch


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Sea Life
Race: Rokea
Camp: Betweener
Faction: Gaian
Tribe: Sphyrna
Auspice: Darkwater
Breed: Homid
Rank: Surface
Pack: Banquet of Shoals
Pack Position: Alpha

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Meditation in Motion
Real Name: Soriba N'Tchassó
Date of Birth: January 21, 2000
Age: 18
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 93lbs.
Heritage: African
Nature: Bon Vivant
Demeanor: Caregiver
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Photo Reference: Faith Obae

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Life of the Waves

The Dawn of the Eclipse

Born under the eclipsed moon, she was the second born of twins having been born nearly twelve hours after her sister. There was quite the commotion when her sister was born metis and she was born human. Of course, mother and father understood for he was not the biological father of either but instead had born witness to the night of debauchery his wife enjoyed.

The lineage of Betweener Rokea is confusing, but there was an incident a generation ago which brought their mother into existence making the matron Ajaba kinfolk to a Rokea. The same Rokea returned and during a rite in 1999 impregnated the woman whom he had sired nearly two decades prior. This has led to some strange conversations between mother and daughters, but it is obvious to many that the women are the heart of their family circle.

The Lesser Twin

Being the mere human child of an Ajaba who had given birth to an Ajaba, even if metis, Soriba was considered lesser than Sabaro. Though she never felt lesser when she was with her twin. The two would often act as one, speaking a make shift language of their own, a language of words, whimpers, barks and body postures that only the two of them spoke and understood. Even before Soriba went to school, she and Sabaro acted very much like a pack.

Always with her sister, it soon became apparent that homid born girl, though smaller for much of their youth was the alpha between them. Her ideas, her plans, her thoughts seemed to become manifest once shared with her older, larger sister. It was almost cliche the way they were with each other, the smaller girl, intelligent and charismatic providing a cover for the larger, stronger Ajaba who provided protection. They were quite the pair.

The Long Swim

When puberty began to encroach on Soriba, she couldn't leave the sight of the ocean. There was a sorrow in her gaze and much of her playfulness had left her. For days on end, she would stand on a beach, or swim to one of the many islands off the coast. Several times, Sabaro would join her, hidden on the furthest islands so that the two could be alone. That is until one day an older man, heavily muscled, wild hair and a grey beard approached her.

Swims-With-Two-Legs was the name he offered. At first, she thought he was an odd Ajaba, but then he spoke of the truth of what he was. He offered, as her father, to guide her in how to live in Sea and swim the deeps with Kun, C'et and Qyrl. He introduced her to his remora, letting her develop the bonds with them he had, encouraging them to travel with her. He taught her how to speak with the spirits of Unsea and taught her the Litany of the Rokea.

The greatest thing he offered was a future. He taught her about the hunt for Betweeners and how hard it was for them to rise in Rokean society. For his part, he offered to be available through the remora to accept her challenges for proof of Valor.

My Father, My Grandfather

Swims-With-Two-Legs is a Darkwater who was curious about Unsea. He was also curious as to why there were no human born Rokea. After all, if squamus born Rokea could become man, surely there must be some homid born Rokea in Unsea.

The Choice of Bonds

There are otters in Africa. They range from coast to coast all the way south to South Africa. As such, they aren't as aquatic as most other otters, but they do have some impact. Spiritually speaking, there are subtle and minor differences between Otter and Sea Otter. In the end, not wanting to be far from her sister, Soriba went in search of Sea Otter. Why a land-based totem to sponsor her family? So that the aquatic nature of this one would allow her sister to go on long swims.

New Shores


Those the Currents Bring


Sarabo Prof Squat.jpg
My sister, my life. She fights so I don't have to.


Ndjiia N'Tchassó
Ndjiia N'Tchassó.jpg
My mother, eldest sister, and guide.

A native of Guinea-Bissau, Ndjiia is a homid born Ajaba of the Dawn as well as Rokea kin. She is a strong, confident and fierce woman. A warrior to rival any other. She had just finished her rite of passage when she met Adelino Cabral. Taking him to bed, she was amused by his submissive nature. She boasted and bragged about how easy he was to catch until his parents left for Portugal. She found the entire ordeal amusing but had duties of her own to keep her occupied, such as defending the lands from encroaching industrialization.

Eventually, Ndjiia decided the best way to beat an enemy that seemed to exist as an idea was to gather new ideas. She began studying abroad, eventually ending up in Portugal where she once again met Adelino. Finding the young man to be a pleasant diversion, she took him as a lover, but expected him to go when she didn't want him around. That is until she saw him watching her when she took one of his friends to her bed. She pretended not to notice, but did enjoy the look of pain on his face.

When he finally confronted her about it, she demanded he tell her why he waited so long. Stumped, embarrassed and a little aroused, he confessed the pleasure he felt from her being with other men. He suggested they return to Guinea-Bissau so that her family and their childhood friends would know what had become of them. When there, the stories spread and it wasn't long before many men would come to her, sometimes on the same night. But she was still a proud Ajaba and only selected the time and place and men she wanted. Even when one of those men had been recognized by her own mother as Ndjiia's father. But by then, it was too late.

Eventually, Adelino asked her to marry him. She teased him for months before accepting. Months in which her belly began to swell with twins. Finally, when it could be hidden no more, she agreed and they were wed.

Soriba Father.jpg
Sire, Sire of Dame, and Mentor. He has taught me much and gifted more.

Adelino N'Tchassó
He who raised me and taught me there are two kinds of men.

Born in Guinea-Bissau, Adelino was of Portuguese descent and a Bastet kin. While living in the African nation, he "went native" and at the age of fourteen met an Ajaba girl to him he gave his virginity. His parents shortly thereafter, having been scandalized when they found out, decided he really needed to learn what it meant to be Portuguese so carted him off.

While at university, he met the girl once more and they resumed their relationship. He soon caught her cheating with one of his friends but said nothing. There was almost a year of it before he finally said, "If you're going to do it, let's go back home so people will really know." This sparked a confrontation where he told her he wasn't leaving her but rather wanted her to enjoy it, he just wanted to make sure that everyone important in their lives knew that he wasn't man enough for her.

Returning to Guinea-Bissau, it didn't take long for her to find others. A wild night of debauchery in which all the men of two villages and an island came to their home and used her. The people who knew them, and some who didn't, would talk behind his back about his unfaithful woman. There were whispers about his lack of manhood and some even suggested that he might be female. A few times he was attacked, but she would come to his rescue when she knew about it. Finally, Adelino asked her to marry him. The guests knew, that as they got married and he took her last name as his, he was not the father of her children.





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