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Law of the Jungle
Jane had it coming.
IC Date 11/25/2014
IC Time Late Evening
Players Octava, Otto, Rachelle, Cliff, Alphie
Location Super Secret Place
Spheres Mage, Mortal+/Psychic
Theme Song [1]

Cliff enters from the doorway to the inside. It stays open long enough for them to pass and then slides closed with a soft hum behind them. Cliff has arrived.

Rachelle enters from the doorway to the inside. It stays open long enough for them to pass and then slides closed with a soft hum behind them. Rachelle has arrived.

Octava is wearing only a little... furry... thing... across boobs and crotch and a pair of Uggs with fuzzy liners around the top. Her hair is all wacked out and wild, like a fireball around her head and she's standing at the top of the stairs and is about to.. leap from the top of the railing. But wait! She has what might be a huge vine in her hand which has been <hopefully> attached <stably> to the ceiling. Alphie is draped about her head, obscuring one eye. JUST as the front door opens, she lets go a war cry and bites a <nerf> dagger between her teeth and SWINGS down the vine toward Tarzan. <Otto>

Tarzan <Otto> looks like he's draped himself with a lepard pelt, looking back toward Jane <Octava> as she goes flying through the air with the greatest of ease... wait not something like that. He has his own tomohawk <nerf> in hand standing at a crouch ready to intercept the attack as it comes flying toward him. Sam looks like he's trying to set them on fire from where he is watching <hiding> in the corner of the room.

What. The. /Bloody hell/. Have they walked in on? Cliff gets another step through the door on momentum before the crazy has a chance to properly register. Then he reaches an arm out to warn Rachelle, the other reaching for the sonic. Alphie doesn't look all that steady up there, he might need to cushion a fall here in a moment.

Rachelle has two small orange petaled flowers she's holding when she steps in just behind Cliff and looks up just in time to see.. Jane? Her mouth falls open in surprise. "What the.. " is about all she gets out before the war cry is set free and she sees Octava start to swing toward Tarzan. Her flowers are forgotten as they tumble to the floor and she takes an instinctive step back.

Octava doesn't REALIZE that other people have walked in until she's already in motion. At this point, it would take a lot more effort to stop herself than to just roll <swing> with it. And ya know, for someone who is obviously VERY skilled in magic, she doesn't have much of an eye for engineering. The 'vine' isn't adjusted right. She realizes JUST as her Uggs scrape the ground that she should have set the thing a little closer to her or... something. Octava's foot catches, then her knees... then her belly... then... well.... her face... a good three feet from Tarzan. Faceplant. Sliiiiiiiiiiiiiide. BOWLING!!! And her top just sort of rolls down her body with the momentum. One shoe is lost ... back there. Alphie? He jumped off and is now clinging to the vine, scuttling higher and higher. But she didn't lose her knife. It's still clasped firmly between her teeth.. or at least the chunk she bit off during impact. "mmmmrphle."

Oh look! Jane-cakes! <Cake> and it's even spread out across the floor. While there may be NEW people that could be an issue for now Tarzan <Otto> is ready to lay low his enemy. There can only be on ruler of the jungle <chantry>! With his own war cry he jumps across the room to pin <sit> on Jane and make sure she can't go anywhere while he beheads <bops the back of her head> with his mighty axe <nerf>. Sitting on her back and lightly bopping her he looks up to the others and blinks before declaring, "THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!" Mixed metaphors are sometimes the best metaphors and he wriggles there above her. "Victory is mine!" He calls out before cackling happily.

Cliff continues to just stand there for a bit longer, making sure nothing is bleeding or falling or blowing up. Right away. Then, finally, he relaxes a little and shakes his head. "Oh, no. You couldn't just play laser tag with real lasers like /normal/ people, could you? Oh no, /you/ lot had to go and raid the Halloween store. Probably broke into the warehouse, it's been closed for over three weeks." Rachelle is still rather surprised with what she's seeing and it takes her a bit to reason it all through. She looks from the 'vine' to poor Alphie up there near the rafters before her gaze slides downward to the fallen Jane and the victorious Tarzan over her. "Wow." The girl whispers, just standing there.. staring.

Octava just.. lays there. That. Fucking hurt. She does turn her head enough to spit out the piece of nerf steel. Her poor wittle nose is all scuffed up. She's bopped, pounced, smacked, potentially beheaded. She lifts her head weakly and stretches out an arm toward Rachelle. "Tell daddy I love him. Tell John Boy that he can have the car. Tell Mary Sue that she gets all the cash in the cookie jar. And you.. come... Come closer... the treasure.. all the monies.. ALL of them!!... are in the ..... " She collapses back to the ground wordlessly, eyes closed, tongue hanging out, arm flopping bonelessly <not really> to the ground.

Otto hears Octava start talking... and she gets a hatchet in the neck! Gotta kill her before she can spill the beans you know. But she just gets talkin'! So she gets a couple more whacks just to make sure. Once that's done though he looks up to Cliff and lets out a snort telling him, "Your petty laws mean nothing to the mighty ruler of the jungle!" His head nodded rather sagely for a savage king of beasts. He doesn't seem to be moving from his rather comfortably seat <Tavi> while he looks to the other two and he wriggles about a moment as she gets comfy.

Yeah, really, there's only one proper thing to do in a situation like this, and that's pull out the phone and snap off a couple camera shots. Pics or it didn't happen, and all that. "You're not the /real/ Tarzan, you're not even speaking French."

Rachelle isn't exactly sure what to do in a situation like this and so, with a push of her glasses upward, she eyes the couple again. "I thought Tarzan loved Jane.. and didn't cut off her .. head." She states rather matter of factly. "And, he also only wore a loincloth. And he sings songs too." A nod as she leans over to pick up her fallen flowers which she hands out for Otto. "I guess you're feeling better?" Stick in the mud, she is.

"Gak," Octava mutters as she's chopped repeatedly. She COULD really freak them out and make it look... like..... he actually chopped off... nah. That's just MEAN. "Love is for the weak," she mutters headlessly. <Not really.> She squirms about underneath Otto and HEAVES herself upward <a whole inch> before she realizes that she ain't got no shirt on. She flops back down upon her.. um.. pillows. And she bellows out something in perfect, if slightly muffled French. For those who speak it, she declares 'I am the real Tarzan'

Otto looks back up to Rachelle and nods his head a couple times before eying Cliff, "Insinuating that a Primal King of the Jungle should know FRENCH! It is lies, slander, and heresy!" He declares before Octava gets another bop to the neck with his hatchet when she calls out again. Though he looks to Rachelle and tells her, "He did when she got uppity." See, that's like the untold story. There is no divorce in the jungle, only death! And he wriggles about atop of Tavi before looking down and telling her, "Don't make me pick you up." Cause with the loss of a top that becomes a real threat!

Cliff just shakes his head a little, walking over and slipping his arms around Rachelle's waist. "I think maybe we'd better just head upstairs and let them have their moment. This sort of thing doesn't happen every day, you know." Rachelle leans over to set the wilting flowers beside Octava's head. "Poor Octava. I knew her well." A smile is given to Otto even when she feels Cliff's arms around her waist. "Alright." She murmurs with a nod.

Bop. Bop. Octava squirms briefly and then just gives up the fight. Cause those are HER boobies and there need to be SOME secrets in the chantry. She reaches out a hand and snugs her flowers, though. "Braains?" she offers, just to keep the scenario going, and makes chompy noises in the direction of Otto's.... whatever she can chomp in the direction of.

Otto looks down to Octava when she makes those bitey chomps and he just starts bopping her in the head with his viscious axe o' DOOOOM. He knows how to take care of zombies. Though he looks up t Cliff and scoffs, "And you don't think we know what happened with the sheep." Cause they totally wouldn't plant a sheep costume in their room. Then take pictures of it. Cause that would be very wrong. Though he dips his head to Rachelle, "A fitting tribute to the woman she once was before she went mad with power and had to be put down."

Okay, now /that/ comment brings Cliff up short. He turns - and stares - and finally goes over to sit down, letting his face slump forward into his hands, elbows on knees. "I tilled these fields for twenty years, but do they call me Silvanius the Farmer? No!"

Rachelle heads for the stairs but pauses when Cliff stops and moves to sit down. She, in turn, looks to Otto for a long moment. They ought to know there has never been any of 'those' noises coming from Rachelle's room and though Cliff has slept in her room a time or two, they were both clothed if anyone peeked in on them. The comment, or something, causes her cheeks to flush. "I'm.. just going to go lay down for a bit. Been a long day." And she turns to quickly head up the stairs.