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Status: Approved PC
Race: Garou
Full Name: Steinar Einarsson
Rite Name: Rune-Tongue
Date of Birth: Not Public Knowledge
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Auspice: Theurge
Breed: Homid
Camp: None
Pack: Fangs of Hagalaz
Sept: Sept of Caring Carebears of Care!
Physicals: 5'9", Physically fit
Notable Stat:

Pure Breed:

What would the Garou know:

Steinar comes from a small Sept in the north mid east of the US called the Sept of Home and Hearth. The Sept guards a small Caern, a sort of waypoint in the middle of nowhere, held by a small clan of Get of Fenris who have recided there since the days the first Europeans set foot on American soil. Traditionally, those who were born and first changed in that area would stay there. Almost all of them would belong to the same family and the only outsiders allowed in would be those that came to mate into the family. A quick look into the Sept would yield that no Garou have left the Sept for another in almost a century.

He has taken a stance and has expressed it vocally on what he thinks about the Fera, the Kinfolk with Powers and the Kinfolk Mages that visits the Sept. In his mind, Kinfolk with Powers tell a falsehood when they claim its a gift from Gaia. In his mind, the Kinfolk are a product of Garou mating with humans, but they are still mostly human. Through all the history of the Garou, all of the gifts of Man comes from the Weaver. In this case, he believes it to be the same. As for the Mages? A higher form of human, without a doubt. A gift from the Weaver? All of their powers seem like it. Favored children of Weaver, in his eyes.

As for the Fera, he has been outspoken about how he feels they are guests at the Sept. A guest should be honoured, as long as it follows the rules of the hosts. Once that line is stepped over, there can only be one reply.

What would the none Garou know:

Well, first of all.. why would you look into Steinar? Well, if you do, its nothing really hidden. He comes from one of those hillbilly type communities in the northern mideast of the US from what would appear to be a community of old Scandinavian descendants. He probably came to the City to look for work and escape the lack of progress commonly linked to small closed-knit family groups.


If you are a member of any sphere that belongs to what traditionally is called Antagonists (Wyrm, Sabbat, Technocracy among others), please note this

I would consider it a courtesy to be informed beforehand so that I may take a stand wether or not I wish to RP with you. My preferences in RP hold to the PRP persuasion, and I have zero interest in IC PVP role-play with actual player characters.

Thank you for considering my wishes.


The Friendlies

Julie.jpg Pack Alpha. Fangs of Hagalaz.

Piper4.jpg Respectul of my wishes. Good campmate

Dani.jpg Don't fight the mountain. Atleast not this mountain!

Toshiosokto.jpeg Don't fight the Wind. Without good shelter

Fetishes Created

* Windfang - Fang Dagger, Created September 2014.
Made from a fang taken from Toshio