Sybil Chandler

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Sybil Chandler

Only good girls keep diaries. Bad girls don’t have time.

---Tallulah Bankhead---


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Independent What's worse: not knowing who's side you're on or know you're all out for yourself regardless of the consequences.

Sabbat You are lucky I am not my uncle...and that I do not set you aflame upon sight.

Camarilla We are the pillar of the world and it will continue to be that way.

Ghoul2 Such darling companions as they are just as valuable as another kindred in our circles.

Changeling What...are you?

Werewolf I've always wanted a new pet...

Mage Let's see who's magic is better...

Wraith2 I do not do ghosts...back where you came from.

Mortal Without you I would not be who I am or what I am.

Demon Not surprised about your can go back wherever it is you are from now.

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  • Arya: I like her style...and respect her more than she knows.

  • Amelie: So kind, gracious, and polite. I wish people still had manners like her in this day and age.

  • Calevaro: A sweet young man and easy to converse with.

  • Cedric: So very informative and to the point; I look forward to having him as my superior in this city.

  • Guivre: Charming man and so nice to have talks with.

  • Martha: Oh I like her. She is very fun...might teach me to bring out my wild side a little.

  • Mikael: Such a kind and beautiful young man...I do hope to have more discussions of London with him.

  • Morgan: A darling girl; I do wish next time I can spend more time with her.

  • Nino: He's....interesting.

  • Richard: Such a peculiar man minded. Perhaps I can help him expand his clientele.

  • Silvana: I appreciate her candor and her offer of help...perhaps we will talk more.

  • Vegard: I can sense the power in him...I can see he is not one to be trifled with.

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Sybil Chandler

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Name: Sybil Chandler
Clan: Tremere
Faction: Camarilla
Position: Whip
Date of Birth: September 20th, 1745
Place of Birth: London, England
Apparent Age: 21
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Honey Brown
Demeanor: Caregiver
RP Hooks
  • Fortune-telling
  • High Society
  • Social Butterfly
  • Occult

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