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"What you should know about the Gangrel? Never turn your back on one. Don't look them straight in the eye, either. In fact, it's probably safest if you don't go near one at all."

RP Hooks
  • Tanner is Gangrel and Camarilla. While he is loyal to Clan and Sect, there is always opportunity for those outside to interact with him. In fact if you're looking for an in to the Camarilla or even as an adopted Gangrel, there are opportunities possible. That being said I would most likely not like to RP being friends with Sabbat just for the sake of it, I tend to play fairly close to the thematic nature of the World of Darkness.
  • Tanner is an outdoor type of person, and he spends a great deal of time in the wilderness surrounding the city. If you frequent those areas and think you'd like to have a cool scene feel free to drop me a line. He is highly skilled in living in the wild and he has shown he is highly skilled at tracking individuals.
  • Tanner is from Boston, before that; Seattle, SanFran, Vancouver were all prominent stays for him. Tanner also spent two decades in Europe during the early 1900's, most notably in the areas of Great Britain and Germany. Feel free to page me if you would like to have met before.
  • Gypsies! Tanner would love to find himself some gypsies.
Full Name: Christian Daniels
Aliases: Tanner
Embraced: rumoured 1700's
Height/Weight: 6 ft. / 200-ish lbs.
Sect: Camarilla
Race: Vampire
Clan: Gangrel
Status Acknowledged
Risk Level 2


Not much is known about Tanner's embrace, though it's likely some among his clan would know the truth behind it. What is known is that he came into Kindred politics around the 1700's in America and has been here and there ever since.

The Departure

When the Gangrel clan left the Camarilla en-masse, Tanner was one of the ones to stay behind. Since then Tanner has paid the price as most Prince's feel the clan has no honour remaining and use those who remain within the cities as scape goats and targets. Still he holds no ill will to his brethren that have departed and will easily meet with them should the need arise.


He has come to the city of Hope in order to find some, seeing a chance to rebuild the reputation of his clan he seeks to ensure that the Outlanders once again are known as the loyal members of the Camarilla they once were. He's currently setting up permanent residence within the Domain and has no plans to leave in the near future.

  • Constance You're far too naive, we'll have to change that.
  • JD You're clan... at least you have that going for you.
  • Madeline Hidden behind a pretty face, I can only imagine what goes on behind the façade?
  • Jax You're far too trusting of those who have yet to earn it.
  • Key Can I keep you?
  • Varges It's hard to get past the Tremere thing... maybe over time.
  • Sister Magdalena Your death was not warranted and your absence weigh heavily.
  • Silvana It seems like we'll get along, if I don't eat you first.