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Friends & Family

  • Meave-bikini.jpgDevlin1.jpgMeave & Devlin - My new family. I love you both so very much, even when you speak in your silly couple code =).
  • WilliamMisty.jpg
    Will - You seriously get the best big brother ever award in my book! So glad you finally found me!
  • Cieran3.jpg
    Bumbumbum.gifCieran - I adore tattooing you! I can't wait until you let me put more ink upon your skin! And I can't believe you want to be my boyfriend, my heart is racing in my chest!Bumbumbum.gif
  • Lexx1.jpg
    Lexx - I fell so hard for you, then your memory came back and you remembered about your wife and now new born child. My heart is breaking but it was only right to let you go.
  • Kidd01.jpg
    Kidd - My new boss, I'm apprenticing underneath him so I can become a tattoo artist. The idea of people wearing my art forever brings me joy and I think I'm addicted to getting inked now.
  • Sha'ul.jpg
    Trekome - Why do you always make me blush and sneak up on me.... You make my heart race enough as is!
  • IagoM.jpg
    Iago - Thank you for liking my art, I still don't think it is good enough yet though. Please keep me safe... even if I'm not saying it. And you're going to be my dance instructor =)
  • SahaelM.jpg
    Sahael - You know that saying about book covers, people need to realize you have a lot of text in between that.
  • Tiffany - You are super perky and always moving, like you are a continuous ball of energy, I wonder if you keep moving in your sleep.
  • Travis Gamble - Awesome chemistry teacher at UC Prospect. Can't wait to take his class, I know I'll ace that... as long as I don't burn off my eyebrows again like I did at home.
  • Locke2.jpgSlaine.jpgLocke & Slaine - Thank you for the advice and guidelines. I shall seek you out soon!
  • Caz.jpg
    Caz - You have opened my eyes to soo much more about myself. Thank you! But where did you go?
  • Chera.jpg
    Cherazart - I love your coffeehouse. Perhaps I could display some of my work there?
  • Carver.jpg
    Carver - I do so wonder what happened to your hand but I'm too shy to ask. Thank you for sharing your artwork with me though. Its nice to meet another artist.
  • Yuri & Justine - Yuri you have helped me out so much so far... Thank you! You guys look amazing together!
  • Clara2.jpg
    Clara - We have similar qualities.... I need to know more about this though.
  • Jeff.jpg
    Jeoffrey - Why don't you ever answer a question directly?
  • April1.jpg
    April - You are so pretty... OMG I'm attracted to another woman! And I really like kissing you....
  • LarryM.jpg
    Larry - You are kinda cute...


  • Edin - It is amazing you are getting your sight back. I am glad you took the glasses, it will help with them healing.
  • IzzyM.jpg
    Izzy - You look so intriguing and androgynous. Makes me a little curious.
  • center‎
    Misa - Intriguing style and you have an awesome personality. You have very scary dreams though.... =/
  • VelokM.jpg
    Velok - You know that scary dreams chick? I dunno about you. Where did you get an ocelot from?!?! Why did you lie to me about Misa's name?
  • BrinneM.png
    Brinne - You are a hard one to read somewhat but you seem cool.
  • OubiM.png
    Oubliette - I love your clothes but your look is a bit intimidating.
  • SBNHM852 jawcooper.jpg
    Wormwood - Your body apparently runs on coffee, you're a bit of a zombie without it. Why is it no one else can see the medical epiphling following you but me?
  • NausiGift.jpg
    Basilisk - You look intriguing in the moonlight in the park selling your seashells and fish... I wonder what your story is but I am too shy to ask right now.
  • Erika - Why are you homeless are your age? What happened?
  • Crossdark.jpgLeila2.jpgCross & Leila - Something about you guys is just eerie to me....