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Trope Note: Sometimes people take an ooc Trope or theme and use it for their character with the assumption that the theme then does not also exist still ICly along side their character to be noticaly seen and pointed to as similar. This is not the same with Tenova. She is very much ICly inspired by Cyberpunk/Scifi movies games books ect and mirries them in her self stylizations. She personifies herself somewhere between Molly Millions from Gibson and Pre-Queen of Blades Kerrigan. These do not un-exist, she could be a wannabe, or trying to make them the real deal in the paradigm depending on how you look at it.


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  • Garou: Kinfolk to the Glass Walker, of the Dies Ultima camp serving as a sniper and scout, she is deeply dedicated to the nation, an idealist dreaming of a better future kindof based on the Georgia Guidestones Philosophy of how humans can live in balance with nature rather than destroying it. She seems to have taken a battle scar when helping her pack fight a pack of spirals and has developed an deep hatred for them over other Wyrms. She is a Willworker and a Dynamic one, this actually making her much more Wyld dedicated than most of her Tribe and as likely to Monkeywrench Weaver as Wyrm.

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  • Traditions: A Virtual Adept, and a holdout of the Cyberpunks faction, she tends to be remote from politics, off doing her own things. Though the Net being what it is, she runs into others and is cooperative for the most part if quick to head off when done. Kind of secretive but never prying into others' business. She does not belong to any Chantry or Cabal.

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  • Public: Born in Dublin:Ireland, moved to Moscow:Russia at 7, then to the US at twenty. Recently she has managed to pool unknown resources to buy out a Scrap/Junk yard on 1st & E and retooled it to include recycling operations. Very environmental minded but for practical solutions rather than protests and is vocally anti-corporate and anti-establishment, eagerly willing to trade profit mangers for going high tech green.

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Faction: Gaian-Kinfolk
Tribe: Glass Walkers
Camp Dies Ultima
Tradition: Virtual Adepts
SubFaction: Cyberpunks
Essence: Dynamic
Resonance: Inspired/Defiant/Brash
Fullname: Molly Tenova
Call Sign: Black Bullet
Birth: Seattle 93
Build: 5'8" 130lbs

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No pages meet these criteria.

Kidneythieves - Black Bullet

RATM - Know your Enemy

Kidneythieves - Zerospace

RATM - Freedom

Kidneythieves - Before I'm Dead

The sky above the port

was the color of television,

tuned to a dead channel."

William Gibson - Neuromancer

I can't go underground for a year, ten years, my whole life,

waiting for freedom to be handed.

Freedom has to be taken for yourself."

Cory Doctorow - Little Brother

The human eye is a wonderful device.

With a little effort, it can fail to see

even the most glaring injustice."

Richard K. Morgan - Altered Carbon

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