The Great Tree

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The Great Tree


It all started with a seed. It was a singular kernel born from the first spark of intelligent thought. It was the first Dream. From the seed many things were born and brought to life. There were things of beauty, things of terror, and things that existed between. There were things that inhabited flesh and there were things that did not. There was also, eventually, a very particular tree born. Its roots reached across the worlds of Dream, Flesh, and Spirit seeking nourishment and satisfaction from all that could be found.

As time passed these worlds began to grow apart, Spirit slipping away first with its struggle of the Triat, followed by Dream being rejected by its own creators. Flesh wished to stand alone in the cold. The tree became less and less nourished, its roots being unable to penetrate through the worlds and it knew that it would die. It spread its seeds to wind, hoping they would land between the worlds and sprout when the time was right.

It is somewhat fitting that such a seed lodged itself in the Dreaming near a city that would be called Hope. Slowly it has been expanding its roots, twisting and coiling, in an attempt to once more seek nourishment. It did. D'an, Fate, guided a tendril to a long forgotten well that held waters from Arcadia itself. It drank eagerly and the tree grew tremendously overnight.

Within its leaves are reflections of all emotions, within its wood are creatures from all origins, within the bark are ancient foes and ancient friends. Yet this is not the world it once was and nourishment will again be denied to it. Branches already rot and then break, releasing all manner of beast from within. One is a nefarious creature, one beyond imagination, and it nests within the rot to try to claw out its fellow kin. It is perhaps a manifestation of the Dreaming's rage, for the Dreaming has been forsaken and wishes to make its wrath known. It wishes to strike out before it is forever lost to all.

The creature manifests from time to time, guiding the tree's roots before striking its claws at the walls that exist between the worlds. Here is the key, the catch, for the ripples of its knocking are starting to be felt across all the domains. Seers of Flesh, Spirit, and Dream can all feel something. They know that something spun of terrible dark and burning light is searching for entry. What are the Fae to do? Support this invasion, give it strength as its defenders and nourish it with their efforts, or deny the very Dreaming itself?

Events Thus Far...


  • An exploratory group seeking resources found the Tree in the Dreaming, pieces rotting and chimerical creatures surrounding it and ready to attack.
  • Ill feelings were felt by the seers of the group.
  • The Tree was fed, partially healed, and through the nourishment it grew an additional 30'. The roots began to heave from the earth and came after the group.
  • Newly invigorated, the tree continues its assault against the barrier to the spirit realm with renewed force.


  • Those that are particularly sensitive have began to experience visions and omens. (Please @mail if you would like to be included, the ripples will continue to be felt for some time and only increase in intensity.)

Plot Information

Storyteller: Dyson + Staff
Risk Level: 1
Open to: All (Banality 8+ Unlikely)
Looking For: Seers / Fate Entwined, Spirit Sensitive

  • This is not a quick-shot plot. It should be viewed more like an ongoing, dynamic theme element that can be fully interacted with. The overall pacing will be slow and there should not be an easy solution. In fact there really are no 'correct' solutions.
  • Given the nature of the plot, radical attempts to interact with the tree may need staff approval for what consequences (both good and bad) occur. Your patience is greatly appreciated!
  • This plot is supposed to lead to numerous off-shoot PrPs. These can be quick one-shot scenes or longer in length. Additional storytellers are encouraged to use this as a springboard, but I would prefer to discuss things beforehand for better coordination.