There's No Such Thing as Love

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"There is no Such Thing as Love"

These are the years ground in dust
We make each other dead
kill the good sides and focus on the things that made us twist
this darkness that shades our hearts
There's nothing else to do
There's nothing else

"I know what you've done," and all these lies
Counted on dozens of fingers, one for every day
We've spent together in this creeping bitterness
All boiled down in the end
to a sharp stew of this burnt-out loathing

I don't hate you. I don't.
We have given each other more chances than hairs on our heads

Tell me they don't really care
Keep going, tell me friends are liars
tell me the boys just want to sleep with me
tell me everyone will use me
and make yourself look better
you, who ignored me
who wouldn't touch me
who put this sharp little edge of self-hate in me
who put this sharp edge in me
"People only connect with each other
because they're hoping to get something out of it,"
you say, and in doing so imply
that this does not apply to you
You are the only one who loved me?
There is no such thing as love