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Bygone "Confident people have a way of carrying themselves that makes others more attracted to them." Bygone
"I don't think God cares if I wear nail polish or not. I don't feel that's a deal breaker for Him."
"My problem is desserts. I am obsessed with desserts."
"I am obsessed with food!"
"I am fearless."
Sofia Vegara

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Mortal When my father met my mother, she was a saint that was as big as her own heart. Not surprising that I came out loving people so much. They shared their cooking, their food, and their love, and I became a changed woman. I am here for them, as much as myself.
Bygone Family is supposed to come first. Unless they toss you into the mud for having a good heart. Then, to Hell with them!

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  • Amberlee: This is my new sister, who enjoys the pleasures of the world and sees how things really are.
  • Burns: Look at this gentleman, coming from Boston for a new life here in Prospect. He is adorable, and I look forward to his cooking.
  • Menkner: Binder of books with his little owl-friend perched upon his shoulder. A very gentle and patient man.
  • November: She is brave, this stalker of the streets, and yet she is also kind. Not every Beast is a Monster, and thus does not deserve to die. Thank you for understanding.

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RP Hooks
Animals - This woman adores animals of all stripes, and will approach pets that are brought into scene. For better or worse.

Food - Tica is absolutely obsessed with culinary delights, heavy on the butter and cream. Perfect for livening up a normally dull restaurant scene!

Cooking - If you manage to get her into professing her passions, you might end up earning yourself a meal or a cooking lesson or two.

EDM Enterprises - Tica works for this commercial sanitation company for a living. Whether it's the handling of sharps and disposal of human waste products, or something as simple as cleaning an office building, Tica can be your token cleaning lady for all of your business needs!

Shadowlands - She can see dead people!

Umbra - She can see them, too.

Dreaming - They are so vibrant, and full of color!

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Tica Saavedra
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Full Name: Tica Saavedra

Age: 23

Country of Origin: Peru

Occupation: Medical Waste Technician

Species: Bygone

Elemental Affinity: Metal

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Notable Stats
Tica/Notable Stats

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Moneda - Prince Royce & Gerardo Ortiz

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Bygone Form
Hair and hooves of burnished platinum, skin of rose gold glinting in the sunlight. Her eyes of dark chocolate are bottomless to behold. A mule's tail and ears gives away part of her heritage. Any more than that? Spoilers. ;)

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