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Titus "Loki" Lockhart

"Anyone who claims they know the solution to everything is a fool."

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A World of Darkness
Vampires "Hmm, maybe more garlic for my pizza would help."
Garou "You don't need to be a canine to howl at the moon."
Changelings "Ch-ch-ch-changes, turn and face the strange."
Wraiths "Sometimes, the dead are best off being dead."
Demon "Heaven fell, and we're left to make what we will of the world. What else is new?"
Technocracy "Pull the stick out of your collective asses and things would go so much better."
Nephandi "You know, at least the Technocrats want to leave a world behind."
Marauders "Dangerous, and tragic, but more dangerous. Tread with caution."
Mortals "If this lot would wake up the world would be more fun. Instead we need to try to make sure they survive to do so. Ungrateful lot."
The Traditions
Akashic Brotherhood "Hey, the dojo and the era for it is back around the turn of the century."
Celestial Chorus "I appreciate your concern, but your stifling beliefs already wrecked one home I was in."
CoX "Fun, if at times too indulgent. "
Dreamspeakers "While perhaps out of date, somehow, I find something I like with these people."
Euthanatos "Why, if you are so sure reincarnation is the answer, are you not applying it to yourselves?"
Order of Hermes "I'm not sure who's got more stick in their hind end: These fools or the Technocrats."
Sons of Ether "Surprisingly fun people once you get past the techno babble. Just don't volunteer to be the first to try anything."
Virtual Adepts "Not bad people. Most of them think the current order is as shitty as I think it is. We just have different ways of dealing with that."
Verbena "I respect them, but I do not ascribe to their style."

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RP Hooks
Repair: Titus makes a living repairing various things. It's not a great living but it's a living.

Hollow: While Titus puts on a warm exterior, he very much finds the world place that often could use some more meaning. Unlike some, he does try to help with this.

Past: Titus is new to town, surprisingly. He came from somewhere eastwards, and isn't terribly prone to talking about the circumstances that caused him to relocate.

Books: Titus is surprisingly an avid reader... and perhaps more surprisingly, can be found at times volunteering at the local library to read to kids.

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Titus "Loki" Lockhart

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"Final Countdown" by Europe

"Blue" by Eiffel 65

Headstrong (Nightcore)

Secret (Nightcore)

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Played By: Joey Tempest