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Why am I here? I remember... a little bit. My name... at least my first name. I know I am a Son of Ether and what that means. I know that my Cousins are pretty nasty in a fight - as all Glasswalkers are. I remember somehow I was part of an experiment to put Gnosis in a human. And it worked, sort of. But... where are all the communicators? The aircars? The floating cities? I know. Let me buy a newspaper. *pause* 2013?!?! What the fuck? Ok, hold on... How the fuck is that possible? This is 20 years before I was even born... Breathe. Ok. Figure out what's going on... and maybe it'll all come back to you.

It's 2062, and it's time. All the preparations have been made. Twenty years of study all for this moment. Finally, I'm going to be able to equal my Garou cousins. The Glasswalkers knew what I was doing, and they were proud of my attempts to become more like them, but... they believe I will die in the experiment. But I will survive. I will use all that I've learned, all that made me the Master of several Arts that I am today... to imbue myself with Gnosis and finally be able to access Gaia the way my Cousins can. It is time, start the machine... OHFUCKTHATHURTS! *blackout* Who is that ahead of me? Is that... Harry? Harry... where am I?

"No. You are not ready. This world is not ready. I will not let you do this. And neither will the Universe. You are going to achieve great things... but not now. And so... you will go through the cycle again, and hopefully THIS time you will learn what I failed to teach you. I will remain with you, but I will not give you access to that which you abused with this... you went too far..." *the world fades out... and he wakes up in 2013*

Why am I here? remember... a little bit. My name... at least my first name...

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Race: Mage
Tradition: Sons of Ether
Tribe: Glasswalker (Kin)
Full name: Tomas (nobody knows his last name)
Date of Birth: Jan 12, 2062 (Current Age 29)
Nationality: American
Occupation: Blacksmith / Weaponsmith
Nature: Visionary
Demeanor: Architect
Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185lbs


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  • Cherokee: Cherokee Rose was the first to find him in this new timeframe, and has taken him in.

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RP Hooks
  • Mage
Tomas is a new Mage in town, and has nobody to vouch for him. Nobody has ever heard of him...
  • Oracular Ability
He is prone to visions. I'm happy to 'have one' to help your plot, background, etc.
  • Science
Tomas is drawn to Science and Engineering... feel free to draw him in!
  • Aura
Wonder why this guy's aura is bright as hell? Highly abnormally? Could be an interesting hook...
  • Kin
He smells like Kin... but nobody knows him around here.
  • Anachronism
He has no ID, no money, and yet he pays for things with small diamonds. If he didn't have Arcane, he'd already have been taken in by the authorities, but perhaps some do eventually notice him...

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Coming soon...

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Notable Stats

Intelligence : Cherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.png
Perception : Cherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.png
Wits : Cherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.png
Stamina : Cherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.png

Crafts : Cherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.png
Awareness : Cherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.png

Arete : Cherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.png
Matter : Cherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.png
Prime : Cherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.pngCherokee-Bdsm.png


  • Kinfolk: The man was born into a Glasswalker family, although not of particularly high breeding.
  • Manifest Avatar: His Avatar shows up a lot... and others can see him!.
  • Medium: He can hear across the shroud.
  • Oracular Ability: The man does NOT have good dreams, and they're often about what is yet to occur.


  • Amnesia: He remembers very little of his life prior to arriving in the now...
  • Anachronism: From 49 years in the future, he has no concept of how people interact without the advanced technology they had in his time.
  • Bard's Tongue: As part of his oracular ability, he has to say what he sees... and often comes out with the truth at importune other times, as well.
  • Curiosity: He's lost his memory... and feels compelled to learn as much as he can.
  • Nightmares: If you had been ripped forcefully from your time, had your memories wiped away, your Avatar chastised you to the point where you lost half your magical knowledge, had your senses ripped open so you sensed across the shroud and gauntlet... wouldn't you have nightmares, too?


  • Destiny: He has one... to unify Gnosis and Magic... but can he make good on that destiny?
  • Wonder: The man has a periapt in his chest. Literally... and one that functions with a very common juncture, so it remains full for the most part. This is why he 'shines with energy' to those who look at his aura.
  • Arcane: He isn't from this time, and the Universe doesn't want you to notice him, unless you have friendly intentions. His friends won't forget him, but he'll be hard to find or remember for anyone who wishes him harm.

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