Tommy Kind

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Tommy Kind
Name: Thomas Kind
Date of Birth: October 20th, 1989
Apparent Age: 18-21
Demeanor: Rebel
Occupation: Layabout

Sphere: Vampire
Sect: Anarch
Clan: Caitiff?
Gang: The Citizen's Council
The Teenage Wasteland


We, the Kindred of the Free State, do hereby declare that we and our progeny, and all Kindred who choose freedom over oppression and liberty over tyranny, of all clans and generations, have as an inherent part of their being the spiritual substance called libertas, or Free Will. We further declare that, as we have freed ourselves from the bonds of mortality, so must we free ourselves from the forces that would rob us of our libertas. Not only must we continue to struggle on our own behalf, but on behalf of our brothers and sisters who continue to be robbed of their libertas by oppression, ignorance and fear. The Anarch Free State is the political expression of that struggle. In choosing to free ourselves from political tyranny, we have also chose to embrace our own libertas and that of our brother and sister Kindred everywhere. For these reasons we, the Kindred of the Anarch Free State, meeting this night in solemn convocation, do hereby pledge ourselves to the following principles:
  • We declare ourselves to be free and independent, owing allegiance to no creature and no organization.
  • We declare our ability to rule ourselves, with no prince, no primogen and no other ruler other than that we choose for ourselves.
  • We declare our kinship with oppressed Kindred everywhere and offer a home to all Kindred of all generations and clans who will agree to dwell in harmony with us.
  • We further accept our responsibility to our oppressed brothers and sisters everywhere and pledge to assist them at all times and in all places in their own struggle for the freedom that we declare to be the birthright of all Kindred, from now until the end of time.
  • We recognize our responsibility to maintain the Masquerade, and we pledge to protect and defend it.
We establish this Status Perfectus and recognize its duty to all Kindred.



Who Is He?

  • Born and raised in Detroit, he grew up surrounded by the decay caused by the Sabbat before he even knew what they were.
  • He moved to Los Angeles to go to UCLA, working towards a degree in Political Science.
  • He was a part of a lot of protest groups and action groups, and eventually was kicked out of UCLA.
  • He was Embraced and brought into the Movement in 2012.
  • Tommy is an idealist, and he believes heavily in the concept of the Status Perfectus, and has a strong intolerance for members of the Movement who just 'do what they want' without understanding solidarity.
  • Very humane. He loves, lusts, fears, hates. He is too young to be totally consumed by the negative impulses of his Beast. He has a long way to fall, though, when he does.
  • SEEKING : Anarch Gang with at least mostly similar ideals. A Ghoul (Big want)! Childer! Allies and contacts and friends and frenemies of all sorts!

Who The Fuck?


  • None - “To Come”


  • None - “To Come”
Add heavy Psychobilly style to him.'



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