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Get of Fenris "The Iron-Wolf Clan, rejoins you. We will fight, and we will disagree. But woe to whom hurts my family."
Garou "I am kin to Fenrir; but not you. Threaten me, and I will show you why I am called 'Thor-Born'."
Traditions "United we Rise, Divided we Fall."
The Technocracy "All of this, -all of it-, is -your- fault."
Nephandi "My name is Tonsyr Odalfson, and if I find any of you - I swear on my undying Avatar - I will Unweave you."
The Wyrm "You are Taint and Rot. You are the sickness of The Soul. I will burn you from the veins of my brethren - and then cleanse you with Mjolnir's Wrath."
Vampires "You do what you have to, to survive. I can accept that. If you spread pain and suffering, I cannot."
Wraith "All Hail, The Glorious Dead!"
The Fallen "Shards of The One: You can help solve The Problem, or be part of it. Don't be part of it, or you will fall just as The Nephandi."

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Valka No one can escape their Wierd; Man, God, or Spirit. With you as my Valkyrie, the bleakness of Life and Death have become non-existant.
Sjovold We bled. We learned of each other. Don't stare too hard at a thundercloud. But call my Name, and I promise to live up to it.
Ikni It is when you sing, that I find myself roused from slumber and sloth - remembering why the wars, the killing, the death, the suffering and the torture are worth it. Thank You.
Rune You are my Family; and that is all that matters.
Matt You and I, are not so different.
Eva Ah, Little Sister. You are sharp, and very young. This does not ease the weight on your shoulders, and I cannot help you carry it. But if I hear your cry, shall I follow just as surely as Thunder follows Lightning.
Cross You have no idea how close to The Truth you are. You are being watched.
Sandraudiga ...Didn't your mother ever teach you not to disturb sleeping bears, or to poke at beehives with sticks? You're disturbing my sense of peace. You should stop that.
The Bees of Prospect There are certain pursuits which, if not wholly poetic and true, do at least suggest a nobler and finer relation to nature than we know. The keeping of bees, for instance. -Henry David Thoreau
The Poor of Prospect Come to me with your ailments, and I will seek to cure them. Come to me with peril, and I will seek to help. But do not turn on this sacred oath, for all of Creation will turn on you.

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RP Hooks
Hillman, and Hermit. What did you -think- he was doing all 'alone' in the woods?


What is an Aesor? A Runecaster. By drawing Runes, he aligns 'the skittles' of The Universe into a particuliar shape, with a personalized scent, and taste, and color. Or assortment of colors. Maybe there are 'sour skittles' in with those 'normal skittles'. Skittles. Perfect Paradigm-metaphor.


A Hermit, and Hillman. Tonsyr helps churches by restoring old artifacts, and assisting in research. Faith isn't important, except in having some. Belief is how the world works, and it's how people come together. By restoring a Mexican Padre's church-bell, the people of that town find Unity. Thereby allowing access to their Skittles, get it?

Ion Conductor

You likely won't find someone that is such a conduit for raw, unrestrained, power.

For Gaia, For ASGARD!

You all just think your fighting for Gaia. You have no idea the cosmic scale of this War, one more ally never hurt.

Enemies, We Need Enemies!

Everyone needs a counterweight. Think you have the stuff to NPC for me and Mine? The favor will be returned, ten-fold.

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Race: Kin/Aesor of The Celestial Chorus
Full Name: Tonsyr "Thor-Born" Odalfson
Age: 36
Occupation: Hill Doctor/Restorer of Religious Artifacts
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Height: 6'8"
Resonance: Primal. Ozone. Electricity.
Pure Breed: 3
Demeanor: Hermit


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