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Tyler Sargent

"The past is never dead.
It's not even past."

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RP Hooks
Arlington, Texas: A native to the Dallas area, he has a drawl that comes out at inopportune times and a sense of Southern manners.

Former Baptist: Still deeply religious, he no longer adheres to the strict Baptist upbringing he was given.

Newly Un-Closeted: Still learning the ropes, he is happily out and trying to navigate his new life.

Unwanted Fame: Fleeing an embarrassing past, he does his best to deflect questions about it.

Unemployed: Newly arrived to the city and living off his savings, he is in-between jobs and looking.

Social Butterfly: While kind and polite, he is a die-hard gossip and loves to dish and eavesdrop.

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Crisis Of Faith - He is going through a period of soul-searching after recent events.

Dark And Troubled Past - Trying to avoid being recognized for what he used to be.
Everything Is Big In Texas - Sometimes can't help but boast about the pride in his home state.
Hates Being Alone - Will gladly enjoy bad company or hostility than sit alone.
I Have No Son - You can never go home again.
Karma Houdini - Doing his best to make up for past sins.
Southern Gentleman - Many of the virtues, a few of it's vices.
Stepford Suburbia - Lived a very insular life with little interesting to note, other than his family. It was not a healthy environment.
The Atoner - Making up for past sins.
The Charmer - Has been known to turn on the charm and loves the attention.
The Fundamentalist - While still deeply religious, he has abandoned the fundamentalist part.
The Gadfly - Has been known to say horrific things just to get a rise from people.
The Quarterback - His first crush and the reason he had to leave Texas.
Troubled Sympathetic Bigot - Old habits die hard, and so do old beliefs.
Well-Intentioned Extremist - He has said and done some terrible things in the name of faith.
Heteronormative Crusader - Had the exact opposite of an understanding upbringing.

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Full Name: Tyler Joshua Sargent

Date of Birth: June 23, 1995 (21 years old)

Date of First Change: Not occurred

Apparent Age: Early 20s

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Origin: Arlington, Texas

Concept: Backslider

Former Occupation: Church youth leader

Current Occupation: Between jobs

Demeanor: Bon-Vivant

Mentor: None

Faction: Gaian

Pack: None

Breed: Homid

Tribe: Silver Fang

Auspice: Ragabash

Rank: Cub

Religion: Primitive Baptist

Notable Traits: None

Enneagram: One - Reformer

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 130 lbs

Fighting Class: Lightweight

Eye Color: Blue

Hair: Blonde

Tyler's Song: Toadies - Backslider

Played by: Antoine-Olivier Pilon

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A man of five-and-a-half feet, sandy blonde hair long on top and shaved on the sides and eyes of sea glass. He looks too old to be in high school, but too young to avoid being carded, his skin a ruddy white with a farmer's tan. His frame gave the impression he had been stretched, long of limb and shallow-chested with quite the round posterior. Everything about his posture and movements gave the impression of awkward youthfulness, not quite comfortable with himself. Gestures are often flowing, stepping gently and careful how he holds his hands. His voice is deeper than one would expect for someone still in his early twenties, a definite drawl to his word and a floaty lilt he tries hard to cover in conversation. He smells strongly of styling gel and the musty scent on his skin of dried perspiration.

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Hayden: My one, my only, my songbird. I will return.

Carica: My fine feathered friend.
Ichtaca: Thank you for the oranges, and the wisdom. Brandon: Oh my gosh! Such a great writer.
Liz: Quite the charmer, I look forward to meeting her once more.
Olive: Modesty is no virtue if it's a vice.
Danny: I hope to make his acquaintence.
Bjorn: A little blustery, but interesting.
Heathen: I hope his name is not indicative..

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