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If you bind me so that I am unable to release myself,
then you will be standing by in such a way
that I should have to wait a long time before I got any help from you.
I am reluctant to have this band put on me.
But rather than that you question my courage,
let someone put his hand in my mouth as a pledge that this is done in good faith.
— Gylfaginning chapter 34
Urd Silfrvard
From the Sea
Long long ago on the Island of Bear in Norway a tiny squalling ball of infant fury was born to a Sept of strong Get warriors. But that was not her fate. Born to the Silfrsvard line the pale kin was taken under her Grandmother's wing when she displayed the sight that her family's aethlings were known for. The young kin grew and learned in the Sept of the Bear, a sept dedicated to the Purity of Being as well as the Purity of the Mother Gaia. She was raised in the old ways. In ways long forgotten or passed over as antiquated and barbaric. Her future was not her own, however, and the Kinfolk became a Maiden and hoped to be chosen by one of the strong warriors that had shown fondness for her and courted her. But none challenged for her.

The day came when the young Seidh at the age of seventeen was sent with her cousins on a boat to sail the ocean towards the land where she was to meet her caretaker and attend the world outside the Purity Sept with the hopes she would develop her abilities and one day return to the Caern with tales and wisdom for her people. So the girl went out into the world aching for what she knew as her home and duty to find a new way..
Stories of the People


  • Yuri - Big Brother in the stead of my family.
  • Sigurd - The first of three flames that remind me of home. Do you know that your flame is as bright as your brothers?
  • Selene - The flame of truth. It comforts me to be in your presence. I am just as confused as you about this world.
  • Lars - The largest flame, honorable and strong and sometimes too focused on burning that which is outside that he draws it all in burns himself to the core. I must remember to treat all three like what they are and keep in calling with who, and what I am. Though sometimes I dearly wish it was not so. My Guardian and My Love.


Get of Fenris


  • Shu -
  • George -
  • Sahael - You are very unusual for a werewolf... Why?
  • Aodhan - Your storytelling is some of the best I've heard.
  • Trekome - You could teach me so much. Please do not pull away. You are too dear to me for that.




  • Chance - I must do as you ask, but I cannot do as you ask. I wish you could see, that you could understand..
Where you recognize evil, speak out against it, and give no truces to your enemies.

~Hávamál, st. 127

The All-Father wove the skein of your life a long time ago. Go and hide in a hole if you wish, but you won't live one instant longer. Your fate is fixed. Fear profits a man nothing.

~Herger the Joyous, 13th Warrior

Lo, there do I see my father.

Lo, there do I see my mother,

and my sisters, and my brothers.

Lo, there do I see the line of my people,

Back to the beginning!

Lo, they do call to me.

They bid me take my place among them,

In the halls of Valhalla!

Where the brave may live forever!

~The Viking Prayer, 13th Warrior

The world through others eyes
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Valkyrie Seidh
Race: Kinfolk
Full Name: Urd Angrboda Sigrun Silfrsvard
Date of Birth: The first of Spring
Heritage: Nordic
Occupation: Huntress / Crafter / Seidh
Demeanor: Survivor
Tribe: Fenrir
Other: Kinfolk
Apparent Age: 18
Height: 6'1"
Paths of Fate


  • Urd is a Kin of the Fenrir (Get of Fenris)
  • Urd is a very traditional character. Sometimes to a fault.
  • Urd does not approach the city.
  • Urd is a known Seidh (Seer).


  • Urd can be found out hunting.
  • Urd can be found out at the seaside diving for fish and shellfish. No permit. (Ops)
  • Urd doesn't technically exsist.


  • Urd has visions of the future.
  • Things Urd says have a way of coming true.
  • Urd can see great distances even without being there.
Gifts from the Mother
Appearance Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Charisma Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.pngMoonsliver.png
Pure Breed Fullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngFullmoon.pngMoonsliver.png

Acute Vision
Bard's Tongue
Gifts from the Anscestors
The overall visage of this young female speaks strongly of Northern European blood; 'pretty' but in a fierce way. Her body has ample curves, wherever she was before she came to this place was not unkind to her; long muscled legs, a swell of powerful feminine hips, a firm backside that dip into a well toned middle with a very slight rounded belly and a full chest. She is a testament to her heritage, though shes more fit than well fed these days. Her shoulders somewhat broad slope gently and lead into arms that are proportioned to her athletic stature ending in oddly slender fingers.
Shes painted herself into a pair of slightly worn jeans. These perhaps a tad small for her as they hug fairly tight (Though shopping for someone her height cant be easy). On her feet she has a pair of leather boots that hide under the boot cut of the jean, the heels seem to be boiled leather rather than standard. On the Valkyrie's toned and feminine torso a ribbed tank top of white, perhaps a size too small, is stretched tight, showing off youthful muscle tone and unbound breasts. The hem of the white cotton ending at the woven belt she has laced into the jeans. And over it all she wears a leather vest lined with real fur.
Her hair is such a pale shade of blonde it is nigh white. Thick and unruly, it is well kept and clean she often pulls it back into a high ponytail or braided up in a crown which is often. When it isn't however the long locks hit her at the back of the knees. Her face bears all the strong and oddly exotic mix of the Nordic folk. High cheekbones a strong though not overly broad jawline, a straight slightly snubbed nose and a plump mouth that is too often pulled into a thin thoughtful line. Accented by ash blond arched brows are a pair of almost too pale blue eyes. They're stunning with a darker outer rim dimming to powder blue around the iris.
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